Nina Meditz Success Story

Tiffany BrawnerI finished my junior year here at KSU and am starting my YCE in the fall. I am striving to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education in May of 2022. Besides my major classes, I am also completing a minor in German Studies as well as Mathematics and am an Honors Research Scholar. In addition to that, I serve as the German Club and Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society presidents and on the BCOE Student advisory board. I love everything that I do and am achieving, but it can get overwhelming at times. Juggling my academics with my extracurriculars and social life can be challenging. Starting with academics, I completed my last general education class this semester in addition to my full schedule with my education classes. I am a person that loves to learn in a classroom environment so having the majority online classes really threw a wrench in my learning. Not only is there less discussion in online classes but there is also a very limited social aspect. This gets even harder when the classes are asynchronous. Having to balance time specific classes with the work form asynchronous classes has been a struggle for me this semester. I pride myself with being very organized in my school and private life. This helped me greatly when trying to find a schedule that incorporated all my schoolwork, extra curriculars and social life. Eventually I found a good schedule that worked for me and that helped me get ahead of my classes. I also made it a point to meet with my peers (those willing and following CDC guidelines) outside of class to get to know them better and work on classwork together. This social aspect was very important in my success this semester. Looking into the future, I will be completing my YCE 1 and 2 in the fall and spring semesters as well as my Honors Capstone project. I think that this semester has challenged me in my academics as well as in my personal life and the things I have learned from it will guide me in the next semesters as well as in the future.

My Advice

My advice for future education students is that you are in charge of your own destiny. It is your responsibility to get informed about your classes and plans you have for the future. Your advisors can only help you so much but if you take the initiative to be the best student you can be, then you will be successful.