Study Abroad Process

  1. The Director of Global Engagement puts out a call in spring for faculty who are interested in submitting proposals (both new and renewal) for the following fall and distributes information about study abroad workshops and the BCOE and KSU study abroad processes.
  2. Multiple faculty may submit proposals using the same course(s).
  3. The Director of Global Engagement submits a list of faculty who have voiced interest in submitting a new proposal or renewing a previous proposal to department chairs.
  4. Faculty must discuss proposal ideas in fall or early spring prior to the Education Abroad Office (EAO) April application deadline with their chair (and with other department chairs when courses are housed outside their home department such as EDUC 2110, 2120, 2130). This early consultation allows faculty to gain information about the curriculum and fit of courses for the proposal and allows chairs to examine resources.
  5. Faculty write new proposals or revise renewal proposals. (NOTE: Both new and renewal proposals follow the same review process.) Faculty are encouraged to consult with their chairs, the Director of Global Engagement, members of the Global Engagement Committee (GEC), and/or other faculty as they draft their proposals.
  6. The GEC reviews for approval both new and renewal proposal ideas/syllabi and meets with faculty, as needed, to discuss their proposals. (NOTE: DFC representatives and/or other faculty knowledgeable of programs and courses may be invited to attend or consulted.)
  7. Faculty make appropriate revisions as needed based on feedback and consults with chair on the final revisions.
  8. The Chair of GEC submits a letter of support confirming that proposals and individuals involved in the proposal have received chair and GEC approval.
  9. Faculty submit approved proposals to the Education Study Abroad Office for review by the April deadline.
  10. The Education Abroad Office (EAO) sends a complete list of submitted proposals to the Dean, Associate Deans, and Division of Global Affairs (DGA) representative. (Note: the BCOE Dean will assign this role to the BCOE’s Director of Global Engagement.
  11. The Director of Global Engagement distributes the EAO’s complete list to the GEC members and department chairs.
  12. The GEC prioritizes the proposals. (NOTE: The GEC will use a rubric for ranking proposals. This rubric can be found on BCOE’s International Study Abroad website.) The Director of Global Engagement/Chair of the GEC submits the prioritized list to the Department Chairs, Dean, and the Education Abroad Director.
  13. Once the programs are approved by the Education Abroad Office, faculty are responsible for following all guidelines regarding planning the trip, including submitting travel requests, as described by the Education Abroad Office. Policies, regulations, and additional information can be found on KSU’s Education Abroad website and on BCOE’s International Study Abroad website.
  14. Faculty members can begin promoting programs and recruiting students. Faculty members will consult with their chair on enrollment numbers to determine if the program/course can be taught abroad prior to any commitments being made to students.