UBMS Students Learning Robotics

"I still remember the day the offer to join the UBMS program happened. I was in my architecture class when I heard about the program and I decided to talk with my parents about it to join. My brother also came along for the ride at the same time. At the beginning of the program, I was not too sure how things were going to go, but as time progressed and as I built a relationship with everyone more opportunities opened up to me. The program allowed for me to not only have scholarships available to me, but it also opened up my mind even more to be able to see which colleges would benefit me the most for my degree, how to connect with other people who would help me along my path, and how to network more efficiently. I also realized how distinct and different everyone who was a part of the program was in what they wanted out of life and how they went about obtaining their goals, but I also saw that the program helped us all in a way that we would have the guidance and support needed to obtain our goals. A great way to understand the next step towards your goals is to do research and ask for help, which is one of the most prominent things UBMS has helped me understand. To this day, the staff still checks in on me and helps me with any questions that I may have, which means they do not just help during high school then drop you off when you graduate. This shows that they really do care about our futures and will always be there for us. I am glad I was able to be apart of the first generation of this program and I thank everyone who helped me during the process."

- Denzell Dasciano, East Paulding High School 2019, Georgia Highlands College


"The most important thing I learned from Upward Bound Math Science was determination; to sacrifice a summer where you could have been doing anything else, but chose to better yourself. It has helped me a lot today because I have to make sacrifices all the time! But it has also taught me how to have fun in the midst of everything; life is so much more than just assignments and lessons! Upward Bound Math Science made learning fun!"

- Julien Dasciano, East Paulding High School 2020


 "The Upward Bound Math Science program has helped me while I was in high school by  helping me to transition to college and making sure I was ready for the things I would experience in college. They also continued to help me in college by making sure I’m on the right path in my major as well as keeping up with how I’m doing in my classes."

- Shania Joseph, East Paulding High School 2019, Georgia Highlands College


"Hello UBMS Family! If there’s one thing I loved about being with UBMS, it’s the staff that were always willing to work with you and help you be the best version of yourself! UBMS has taught me stay on top of my grades as well as my future inside of college, which played a huge role in how I was able to study Criminal Justice at Kennesaw State University. I know that they’ll be able to do the same for you!"

- Amaia Ward, East Paulding High School 2020, Kennesaw State University


"Throughout high school, it has always been a fun experience with the UBMS program. They’ve helped me by being positive, encouraging me to improve on grades, and tutoring with any subject I struggled in. Their summer program was the best as it helped me prepare for college for future classes I may have had to take and the overall joy of walking around on a college campus. Since then, my college experience has been a breeze so far. When it comes to studying, I use extra resources such as YouTube or Khan Academy to get a better understanding for things I tend to get stuck on. I also seek help from other students, participating in discussions that help others like myself. Overall, they’ve helped with making me a better student by improving my study habits, communicating with my college advisors, and setting goals for future achievements."

- Amber Chaney, East Paulding High School 2020, University of West Georgia