Senior Privilege

Undergraduate students in the Bagwell College of Education have the privilege of beginning a nondegree (certification, endorsement, add-on) program, at the graduate level, before they have completed their Bachelor's degree. This would allow them to complete their BS degree, achieve teacher certification, and have an endorsement to their certificate as they enter the workforce, thus making them more attractive to the job market.

There are two options available when considering the Senior Privilege Programs within the INED Department -- the Graduate Certificate in Special Education and the ESOL Endorsement. Coursework for the Graduate Certificate in Special Education can be found here, while the ESOL Endorsement can be found here.


  • Meet with your advisor.
  • Complete the BCOE Senior Privilege Application (click here).
  • Approval of undergraduate advisor/department chair.
  • Approval of graduate program director/department chair.
  • Approval of Graduate College Dean.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in coursework at KSU.
  • Within 30 credit hours of graduation.
  • Can take a maximum of 9 credit hours of graduate coursework.