Yearlong Clinical Experience in Middle Grades Education


What is the Methods Block and Yearlong Clinical Experience?
The Methods Block consists of five methods courses (candidates take the two that correspond with their teaching field areas), two INED courses (3 hours total) and the YCE I field experience course for a total of 15 hours. This block is completed in the fall semester of senior year.

  • EDMG 4650 -YCE I Field Experience (6 hours)

Candidates take 2 of the following 5 courses:

  • EDMG 4401 - Teaching Mathematics in Middle Grades (3 hours)
  • EDMG 4402 - Teaching Science in Middle Grades (3 hours)
  • EDMG 4403 - Teaching Social Studies in Middle Grades (3 hours)
  • EDMG 4404 - Teaching Language Arts in Middle Grades (3 hours)
  • EDMG 4408 - Teaching Reading in Middle Grades (3 hours)
  • INED 4435 - Foundations of Teaching Adolescent English Learners (1 hr)
  • INED 3305 - Education of Students with Exceptionalities in an Inclusive Setting 1 (2 Hours)

The spring semester consists of the YCE II field experience and three courses for a total of 12 hours:

  • EDMG 4660 - YCE II Field Experience (6 hours)
  • INED 3306 - Education of Students with Exceptionalities in an Inclusive Setting 2 (1 hour)
  • INED 4436 - Teaching Diverse Language Learners in the Content Areas (2 hours)
  • EDMG 4411 - Seminar in Middle Grades Education (3hrs)

Applying for Yearlong Clinical Experience

The yearlong clinical experience always begins in the fall semester. Therefore, candidates may only apply in the previous spring semester. Candidates should contact the MGE advisor  before they plan to register for YCE I for information on applications and deadlines.

Admission to Yearlong Clinical Experience

You must have a 2.75 AGPA by the semester in which you want enter the Yearlong Clinical Experience I.  This GPA must be maintained to progress to YCE II. Pre-requisites for admission to YCE I: Admission to the Teacher Education program, and possession of a pre-service certificate.


All placements are arranged through a collaboration of the Center for Education Placements and Partnerships (CEPP) and the SMGE Department. Candidate negotiation of placements is strictly prohibited. The MGE Clinical Experience Coordinator will notify candidates of their school placements at the beginning of the semester.

MGE Yearlong Clinical Experience Forms