Core Principles & Benefits

Core Principles

Servant-Leadership Philosophy Guiding Core Principles:

  • We advocate and promote the concept and core principles of Servant Leadership.
  • We strive for full development of each teacher, drawing from educational resources within and beyond the classroom walls.
  • We encourage students to engage and accept the challenges of encouraging students of all races to strive for personal excellence.
  • We promote the training of skilled and caring teacher, who will stimulate, guide and challenge their students to become leaders and positive role models in their respective communities.
  • We support committed, motivated students who desire to make a difference in the lives of young people.
  • We support students who understand the dispositions necessary to be an effective person and teacher.
  • We hold respect, responsibility, accountability, service and support as core values of the MISTER community.
  • We value contributions to society by undertaking opportunities for outreach and service to others.
  • We encourage the development of strong networks of support within cohorts through participation in Call Me MISTER Living Learning Communities.
  • We encourage the development of strong networks of support across cohorts through engagement in intercampus activities (Summits, Leadership Institutes, Summer Internships, etc...).


MISTERs will benefit from:

  • Financial support through tuition, book, and technology assistance.
  • An academic support system to help assure their success.
  • A cohort learning model for social and cultural support within the Bagwell College of Education and through curricular activities specific to Call Me MISTER®.
  • Mentorship through Call Me MISTER®  and African-American Male Initiative Programs.
  • Continuous access to classroom environments during their programs of study through observation, service-learning, and field experiences.
  • Preparation in culturally relevant pedagogy.
  • Support and preparation for the GACE Program Admission Assessment.
  • Assistance with job placement.
  • Official Call Me MISTER® blazer upon graduation.