Future MISTERs Academy

KSU Future MISTERs AcademyTo best position us to achieve the goal of diversifying the available pool of educators in the state, it is imperative that we are intentional about creating a pipeline for potential MISTERs to enter the field of education. A way to accomplish this task is by reaching out to students well before they enter their senior year of high school in hopes of igniting an interest in teaching as a profession. To that end, we established the Future MISTERs Summer Academy. This academy is a unique program that provides middle and high school students with the opportunity to explore what it means to be an educator in a changing world. During the program, students will broaden their perspective through interacting with P–12 and higher education professionals as they learn about a broad range of issues in the education profession through interactions with a Servant Leadership curriculum, resources, and practical experiences, thus cementing an interest in teaching as a profession.  

Future MISTERs Academy will bring between 25-30 middle and high school students from local districts to our campus each summer for a three-day period and engage them in enrichment experiences which will provide them with valuable information about careers in the classroom. Students will also be instructed by various educational leaders and mentors who will conduct culturally relevant learning activities. Through this program, students will learn what it means to become a teacher and transformative mentor in the classroom while being exposed to our campus and the collegiate experience.  

Summer 2024 Academy Information:
Dates: June 5th-7th
Time: 8:30a-3:30p

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Call Me MISTER Future MISTERs Academy. We have reached capacity and are no longer  accepting participants. If you are interested in the 2025 Future MISTERs Academy, please contact Dr. Jabari Cain at jcain35@kennesaw.edu.