Ed.D. in Secondary or Middle Grades Education


***Please be aware that there is an upcoming program name change (from Ed.D. in Middle Grades Education to Ed.D. in Secondary and Middle Grades Education) in the year 2021 pending BOR approval. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) has confirmed that the degree name will have no effect on certificate upgrades as long as their concentration is aligned with the certification area. The name change will also have no effect on the program of study or policies outlined in the Graduate Catalog. For questions, please contact eddsmge@kennesaw.edu.***

Program Description

The Ed.D. degree in Secondary or Middles Grades Education is designed for candidates who possess a teaching certificate and hold a Master's degree in a Georgia Professional Standards Commission recognized area of certification. Through this program, candidates develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve as learner-centered specialists engaging in scholarly inquiry and research. Through Teaching Field courses and electives, they deepen their expertise in a chosen area of study. This program of study thus provides the skills necessary to synthesize theory and practice through further examination of theoretically-based curriculum development, understanding of global education issues, and inquiry into making education equitable, democratic, humane, and socially just.

The Ed.S. in Secondary or Middles Grades Education is fully embedded into the Ed.D. program. Those students who complete the Ed.S. in Secondary or Middles Grades Education at Kennesaw State University may apply their entire program of study to the Ed.D. Those students who have completed their Ed.S. at another institution will be eligible to have their transcripts analyzed and can possibly receive up to 17 hours credit toward the Ed.D.

Program of Study

To complete the program, candidates take 15 credit hours in Education and Research Core courses, 36 credit hours in Area 1 Teaching Field Pedagogy and Area 2 Teaching Field Content courses, 6 credit hours in cognate/guided electives, and 9 credit hours in dissertation. There is also the opportunity to earn an endorsement while pursuing the Ed.D. degree. A list of endorsement options may be found here.

We offer the following degree options (all programs are hybrid; however, the first 30 hours comprising the Ed.S. portion of the degree are fully online, except for Chemistry Education):

  • Ed.D. in Middle Grades Language Arts or Secondary English
  • Ed.D. in Middle Grades Mathematics or Secondary Mathematics
  • Ed.D. in Secondary Chemistry
  • Ed.D. in Middle Grades Social Studies or Secondary History

Admission Requirements

  1. An earned Master’s degree in professional education or a related field;
  2. A clear and renewable Georgia Teaching Certificate or departmentally-approved equivalent.
  3. At least, three years of professional teaching or administrative experience or both in P-12 education (current full-time employment as a professional educator is preferred);
  4. Research Response & Analysis writing sample. The applicant will select from two recent research articles in their area of content expertise and provide a 3-5 page written response to the article. Click here for the specific instructions.

Degree Requirements

The requirements for completion of an Ed.D. degree in Secondary or Middle Grades Education include:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 66 hours of approved graduate coursework;
  2. Completion of a minimum of 49 semester hours of the total 66 hours in full standing at Kennesaw State University; and
  3. Meeting KSU's requirements for satisfactory graduate student performance and for graduation, as outlined in the Academic Policies section of the KSU Graduate Catalog.

How do I Apply

  1. Complete the Online Graduate Application.
  2. Obtain and submit official transcripts from EACH college or university attended, including those institutions where degrees were NOT earned. Official transcripts are those in a university sealed envelope. Your transcripts should reflect, at least, a Master’s degree with, at least, a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale).
  3. Obtain and submit a copy of Georgia Teaching Certificate or a departmentally-approved equivalent.
  4. Complete and submit a Professional Resume documenting education, teaching experience, volunteer and service accomplishments, and record of leadership activities. Your resume MUST reflect at least three years of teaching experience.
  5. Complete and submit the Research Response & Analysis writing sample.
  6. Submit a copy of the Transfer Credit Request Form, if applicable.
  7. International Applicants Only: Please contact the International Student Admissions Office at 470.578.4377 for all international admission requirements related to your citizenship or visa status or visit the Graduate International Admissions website.


April 1 for admissions for summer semester - ALL documents must be submitted by deadline date.
July 1 for admissions for fall semester - ALL documents must be submitted by deadline date.
November 1 for admissions for spring semester - ALL documents must be submitted by deadline date.

Contact Us

For more information about this degree program, please call 470.578.6314 or email eddsmge@kennesaw.edu. For more information on graduate admissions, please call 470.578.6043 or email graded@kennesaw.edu.