TRiO Alumni

Meet our KSU TRIO Family! These are our KSU TRIO Alumni who have graduated high school and are now on their way to post-secondary success. KSU TRIO is dedicated to motivating students to achieve their dreams, empowering TRIO families to succeed, and enriching our communities. We are incredibly proud of all our students, and we cannot wait to see them successfully realize their collegiate hopes!

Congrats 2023!

Janaya AllenJanaya Allen, HHS

Anahjah BookerAnahjah Booker, HHS

Makiala BullockMakiala Bullock, HHS

Ziphorah TanisZiphorah Tanis, HHS

Yessica PerezYessica Perez, CHS

Yoselyn MartinezYoselyn Martinez, cHS

Evelyn Gonzalez-SandovalEvelyn Gonzalez Sandoval, CHS

Katie Pizano Katie Pizano, RHS

Bella OwensBella Owens, CHS

Ayanna ReedAyanna Reed, RHS

Pricila Perez-TornezPricila Perez-Tornez, CHS

Chloe JayChloe Jay, RHS

Hallie ScoffieldHallie Scoffield, CHS

Jasmine SanchezJasmine Sanchez, RHS

Viviana RodriguezViviana Rodriguez, CHS

Desli Perez-VelasquezDesli Perez-Velasquez, CHS

Mariah BanksMariah Banks, RHS

Abagail KimbellAbagail Kimbell, RHS

D'Juan PerkinsD'Juan Perkins, EPHS

Jaida AndersonJaida Anderson, EPHS

Ashley HoillettAshley Hoillett, EPHS

Haley KendrickHaley Kendrick, EPHS

Joshua HeyligerJoshua Heyliger, EPHS

William LockwoodWilliam Lockwood, EPHS

Arielle Johnson Arielle Johnson, EPHS 

Laine Alam MurilloLaine Alam Murillo, EPHS 

Adeola OgunderuAdeola Ogunderu, EPHS 

Taneisha GaryTaneisha Gary, EPHS 

Kayla WachiuriKayla Wachiuri, EPHS 

Daniel BlountDaniel Blount, EPHS 

Parnell McKinnon

Parnell McKinnon, RHS

Mya Brewer

Mya Brewer, HHS

Savasae Laseter

Savasae Laseter, HHS


Destiny Hanna

Destiny Hanna, HHS

Malik Bullock

Malik Bullock, HHS

Caiara Bradley

Caiara Bradley, HHS


Justin Harewood

Justin Harewood, HHS

Vially Saint-Louis

Vially Saint-Louis, HHS

Kylan Fleming

Kylan Fleming, HHS


Lisa Shyllon

Lisa Shyllon, HHS

Jiyah McBride

Jiyah McBride, HHS

Cydni Tyler

Cydni Tyler, HHS


Daniela Milian

Daniela Milian, HHS

Julie Heyliger

Julie Heyliger, EPHS

Deshawn Kindle

Deshawn Kindle, EPHS


Kalia Warren

Kalia Warren, EPHS

Jonathan Fleurimont

Jonathan Fleurimont, EPHS



Nyla Hines

Nyla Hines, EPHS

Aniaya Grace

Aniaya Grace, EPHS

Terrell Johnson

Terrell Johnson, EPHS


Joshua Thurmon

Joshua Thurmon, EPHS

Cameron King

Cameron King, EPHS

Azer Tidor

Azer Tidor, EPHS


Kennedy Alexander

Kennedy Alexander, HHS 

BreYonna Stone

Bre’Yonna Stone, HHS 

Saalihah Abdus-Shaheed

Saalihah Abdus-Shaheed, HHS 


Whitney Delva

Whitney Delva, HHS 

McKaya Huggins

McKaya Huggins, CHS 

Y'van Haden Ngah

Y'van Haden Ngah, HHS 


Kailyn Boatman

Kailyn Boatman, HHS 

Jayla Lucas

Jayla Lucas, HHS  

Mauranson Louis

Mauranson Louis, HHS 


Danamei Wright

Danamei Wright, HHS 

Noelia Escutia

Noelia Escutia, CHS 

ZyKarius Harshaw

ZyKarius Harshaw, RHS 


Jayda Lord

Jayda Lord, EPHS  

Maiyah White

Maiyah White, EPHS 

Christopher Hayes

Christopher Hayes, EPHS 


Angel Bohorquez Cortez

Angel Bohorquez Cortez, EPHS 

Vannesa Campesino

Vannesa Campesino, EPHS 

Jamie Escalona

Jamie Escalona, EPHS 


Adah Billington

Adah Billington, EPHS

Saabirah Mansur

Saabirah Mansur, HHS 

Chenese Griffith

Chenese Griffith, HHS 


Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian Rodriguez, HHS

Leamsi Hernandez

Leamsi Hernandez, HHS 

Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez, CHS 


Sarai Perez

Sarai Perez, CHS

Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez, CHS 

Yesenia Ortiz

Yesenia Ortiz, CHS 


Ashley Paramo-Carmona

Ashley Paramo-Carmona, CHS

Asia Turner

Asia Turner, CHS 

Elizabeth Shupp

Elizabeth Shupp, RHS 


Marina Sosa Diaz

Marina Sosa Diaz, CHS

Morgan Watts

Morgan Watts, EPHS 

Ayisha Bukar

Ayisha Bukar, EPHS 


Amaia Ward

Amaia Ward, EPHS

Elio Vargas

Elio Vargas, EPHS 

Amber Chaney

Amber Chaney, EPHS 


Quimara Anderson

Quimara Anderson, EPHS

Kaitlyn Hamilton

Kaitlyn Hamilton, EPHS 

Phillip Lounmala

Phillip Lounmala, HHS


Ariel Bishop

Ariel Bishop, RHS

Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth Martin, CHS 

Emily Bentley

Emily Bentley, CHS


Emily Rodriguez Jacobo

Emily Rodriguez Jacobo, CHS

Rose Meus

Rose Meus, RHS 

Maria Escutia

Maria Escutia, CHS


Adonis Aviles-Gonzalez

Adonis Aviles-Gonzalez, EPHS

Edward Denzell Dascanio

Edward Denzell Dascanio, EPHS 

Kaylon Cotton

Kaylon Cotton, EPHS


Peyton Brantley

Peyton Brantley, EPHS

Shania Joseph

Shania Joseph, EPHS 

Silas Johnson

Silas Johnson, EPHS


Stefan Manuel

Stefan Manuel, EPHS

Yogi Patel

Yogi Patel, EPHS 

Jaylen Knowles

Jaylen Knowles, EPHS 


Ariahna Jean-Louis

Ariahna Jean-Louis, HHS

Sheena Patel

Sheena Patel, HHS 

Shane Puello

Shane Puello, EPHS 


Dormecia Allen

Dormecia Allen, HHS

Jeremiah Boatman

Jeremiah Boatman, HHS 

Gabrielle Henry

Gabrielle Henry, HHS 


Dania Alvarado

Dania Alvarado, HHS

Sahira Batista

Sahira Batista, HHS 

Logan Parker

Logan Parker, HHS 


David Gyebi

David Gyebi, HHS

Thelangie Pierre

Thelangie Pierre, HHS 

Magali Milian

Magali Milian, HHS 


Remington Carter

Remington Carter, HHS

Amanda Koffi-Az

Amanda Koffi-Az, HHS 

Angel Agyapong

Angel Agyapong , HHS 


Marisca Avina

Marisca Avina, HHS

Nate Quinones

Nate Quinones, HHS

Marcus Solis
Marcus Solis, EPHS


Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones, EPHS

Maria Johnson

Maria Johnson, HHS

Laila Hoffman
Laila Hoffman, HHS


Miracle WeeksMiracle Weeks, HHS

Alyssa JohnsonAlyssa Johnson, HHS

Cemaurion MooreCemaurion Moore, HHS


Aleem ThomasAleem Thomas, HHS

Kayleen UriosteguiKayleen Uriostegui, EPHS

Joshua LeeJoshua Lee, HHS


Katriece CallierKatriece Callier, HHS

Kayla LinardKayla Linard, CHS