UBMS at EPHS in Centennial Park


The Upward Bound Math Science program at East Paulding High School serves 60 students each year with the goal of holistic student success both within and after high school. Our program focuses on serving students within a rural community and meeting their specific and unique needs. Our program offers both virtual and in person services to offer flexible options for our students. Services we offer during the school year include: SAT/ACT Prep, student advising and mentoring, 24/7 tutoring, leadership workshops, motivational workshops, STEM camps, wellness workshops, college and financial aid application assistance, scholarship application assistance, and so much more. During the summer we offer a 6 week summer program that is intended to prepare students for the next school year, as well as increase knowledge of college going processes and cultural awareness. Our overall goal is to graduate students from high school who will be successful during college and following college graduation. If you are interested in joining us go to our “interested students” page to find out how to apply! 


Upward Bound Math Science News

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