Urban Education Endorsement Certificate


Program Overview

The Urban Education Endorsement Certificate Program is fully online and consists of three courses that provide candidates with deep understandings of urban schools, families, and communities, with an emphasis on the historical, political, economic, and social factors that shape urban education. Candidates are provided with opportunities to create connections between theory and practice, moving beyond stories of school failure to identifying and leveraging (or cultivating) educational resources (or assets) within urban schools and communities to empower learners. This program is designed for educators holding a Georgia PSC clear, renewable teaching certificate.

  • Grade Level Focus Band: K - 12

Program Courses 

The program of study is a 9-credit hour - three course sequence.

  • Summer- ECE 7651: Social Foundations and Perspectives in Urban Education (3 Credit Hours)

    Prerequisite: Candidates must be admitted to a KSU BCOE graduate program, certificate, or endorsement program to take this course.

    This course will provide a comprehensive overview of urban education’s historical and contemporary aspects. Students will explore current theories, trends, and research-based pedagogical practices, including how school structures, policies, and practices influence teaching and learning at a high level of academic excellence in contemporary urban schools and classrooms.

  • Fall - ECE 7652: Partnering with Urban Families & Communities (3 Credit Hours)

    Prerequisite: ECE 7651

    This course will provide an overview of the intersecting systems that influence the teaching and learning in urban education. Students will explore theories that describe how children and families exist as parts of larger systems and environments, and critically examine their pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning in these systems and environments. Candidates will be expected to take a student/family/community centered approach to instruction that is asset based and leverages the intersection identities present in urban classrooms. This course contains field requirements for completion.

  • Spring ECE 7653: Advocating for Equity in Teaching and Learning (3 credit hours)

    Prerequisite: ECE 7652

    Learners in this course will use a critical lens to examine the challenges and opportunities that students, teachers, families, and leaders in urban contexts face related to opportunity gaps, classroom management, assessment, special education, gifted education, and retention. Learners will complete field-based assignments and will think analytically about and develop a research-based advocacy plan to advocate for change regarding a critical issue in urban schools.

*NOTE: All Urban Education candidates must have access/permission to teach a group of K-12 students in the candidate's certification field during the fall and spring semesters for ECE 7651 and ECE 7652. This is typically provided through a candidate's full-time job. Other arrangements are permitted, but not provided. This placement is the responsibility of the candidate.

Admission Requirement and Deadlines

  • Completed online Graduate Application
  • *$60 non-refundable application processing fee
  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended. If the institution is outside the U.S., an international credential evaluation will be required.
    • Applicants must not send international transcripts directly to Kennesaw State University.
  • Bachelor's degree from a Regionally Accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Additional requirements by program


  • May 1st

    ** WE ENROLL FOR THIS Endorsement Program SUMMER TERM ONLY

More Information

For information about the Urban education Endorsement program, please call 470.578.2809 or email Dr. Roberta Gardner at eecemedinfo@kennesaw.edu

For more information on graduate admissions, please email educ_grad@kennesaw.edu.