EECE Student Testimonials

Jamie Carberry, M.Ed. in Early Childhood EducationJamie Carberry, M.Ed. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education

As an educator, being a lifelong learner has always been important to me. The Elementary and Early Childhood Education Master’s program at the Bagwell College of Education provided me with an excellent platform to grow as a professional. This was the perfect online secondary degree program that challenged my way of thinking as an educator. It was rigorous and brought forth experience and learning that is current to the education in the 21st century. It was relevant, meaningful, and allowed the opportunity to research and gain expertise to meet all my students' needs.

As a working mom, the online Masters’ program provided me with the perfect platform to expand my knowledge as an educator. The staff and professors were extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and a wonderful resource. The Master's Program in Elementary and Early Childhood Education allows me to continue to be an elementary school teacher in Cobb County, but also gave me the ability to work with district leader and educators across the country in Leadership roles with the district central office, the Mathematics Department, as well as new teachers. I am grateful for my time at Bagwell College of Education and all the professional growth it gave to me.

Chelsea GeorgeChelsea George, B.S. Elementary Education (P-5)

"The EECE program at BCOE provided me with space I needed to excel. The rigorous curriculum tackled issues beyond academia to ensure that I would be prepared to meet the full range my students’ needs. With dutiful and personable professors, I had much support throughout my foundational classes and student teaching experience. 

As a result of completing the EECE program at BCOE, I’ve become a teacher in a metro Atlanta school district. I’ve had experiences teaching in virtual, hybrid, and in-person models. With the skills I’ve learned from my peers and professors I’ve become grade level chair in my second year of teaching. As I look forward to continuing my education, I’m deeply grateful for my time in the EECE department."