Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction


Program Overview 

The Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum & Instruction is a fully online program designed for candidates to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve as curriculum specialists at the classroom, department, building, or system level. They do so by completing 15 credit hours of advanced pedagogical coursework applied to content in their area of certification and six credit hours focused at a different level than that of their initial teaching level of certification in order to broaden their P-12 expertise. Furthermore, they develop research skills to conduct field research in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and instructional program evaluation.

Degree Highlights

The Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction program coursework is fully online, preparing professional teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators to enhance their expertise in curriculum and instruction in order to improve student learning.

  • Program designed for elementary, middle, or secondary level educators
  • Completed in four semesters; 33 credit hours
  • 100% ONLINE
  • Degree approved for certificate upgrade by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission
  • Focus on learner-centered curriculum and instruction
  • Small class sizes and individualized learning

Program of Study

The program includes 33 total hours, including 15 hours of curriculum and instruction core courses, 6 hours of P-12 expertise courses, 9 hours of research and assessment core courses, and a 3 hour capstone and applied research course. Read more about the program of study here.

Admission Requirements

  1. An earned Master’s degree in professional education or a related field;
  2. A clear and renewable Georgia Teaching Certificate or departmentally-approved equivalent;
  3. At least, three years of professional teaching or administrative experience or both in P-12 education (current full-time employment as a professional educator is preferred);
  4. Professional Reflection Statement: The applicant will compose one to two pages documenting the applicant's professional training and interests, educational beliefs, professional goals, and why the applicant seeks to pursue a degree at KSU.
  5. Two References: The applicant will obtain references from two individuals who can address the applicant's teaching ability, commitment to the education of all learners, and potential success as a graduate student. The individuals should complete their references using the Evaluation Form.
  6. Mentor: This program provides degree candidates with authentic, field-based learning experiences. Completion of these experiences often requires the facilitation of an educator (usually a current administrator or Lead Teacher) who agrees to serve as the candidate’s mentor during his or her degree program. The mentor operates as part of a learning team with the candidate and university faculty, ensuring the candidate has an opportunity to complete his or her field experiences or working with university faculty and the candidate to identify appropriate alternative experiences. The applicant must identify a mentor and have the mentor complete the Mentor Commitment Form as part of the admission process.

Application Process

The Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction is a highly competitive program, and there is a limited number of applicants that that the program can accept each admission semester. Once capacity is met, you may be asked to update your application for admission to a future semester at no charge.

  1. Complete the Online Graduate Application.
  2. Obtain and submit official transcripts from EACH college or university attended, including those institutions where degrees were NOT earned. Official transcripts are those in a university sealed envelope. Your transcripts should reflect, at least, a Master’s degree with, at least, a 2.75 GPA (on a 4.0 scale).
  3. Obtain and submit a copy of Georgia Teaching Certificate or a departmentally-approved equivalent.
  4. Complete and submit a Professional Resume documenting education, teaching experience, volunteer and service accomplishments, and record of leadership activities. Your resume MUST reflect, at least, three years of teaching experience.
  5. Complete and submit the Professional Reflection Statement.
  6. Obtain and submit two references using the Evaluation Form.
  7. Obtain and submit the Mentor Commitment Form.
  8. Submit a copy of the Transfer Credit Request Form, if applicable.
  9. International Applicants Only: Please contact the International Student Admissions Office at 470.578.4377 for all international admission requirements related to your citizenship or visa status or visit the Graduate International Admissions website.

Please note that an interview may be required for admission. If an interview is required for your application, you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator to set up the interview.


June 1 for admissions for fall semester - ALL documents must be submitted by deadline date.

Contact Us

For more information about this degree program, please call 470.578.6314 or email ciedssmge@kennesaw.edu. For more information on graduate admissions, please call 470.578.6043 or email graded@kennesaw.edu.