Ed.S. in Secondary or Middle Grades Education


***Please be aware that there is an upcoming program name change (from Ed.S. in Middle Grades Education to Ed.S. in Secondary and Middle Grades Education) in the year 2021 pending BOR approval. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) has confirmed that the degree name will have no effect on certificate upgrades as long as their concentration is aligned with the certification area. The name change will also have no effect on the program of study or policies outlined in the Graduate Catalog. For questions, please contact edssmge@kennesaw.edu.***

Program Overview

The Ed.S. in Secondary or Middle Grades Education is designed for candidates who have already earned an M.Ed. in Secondary or Middle Grades Education or a related field and wish to continue graduate study in order to enhance their expertise and improve their practice. Candidates will develop in-depth knowledge and skills to implement in their classrooms and schools in ways that advance all students’ rights to an education that supports social and economic justice and academic success. Courses focusing on technology, learner-centered curriculum and instruction, learners and families from diverse backgrounds, and critical pedagogy that will aid candidates in meeting these crucial needs.

Degree Highlights

The Ed.S. In Secondary or Middle Grades Education program coursework is fully online*, preparing professional teachers to enhance their content and instructional expertise and strengthening their ability to improve student learning.

  • Six content-based areas: Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
  • Completed in four semesters (15 months); 30 credit hours
  • 100% ONLINE options for concentrations in English, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and History
  • Hybrid options (80+% online): Secondary Chemistry
  • All degrees are approved for certificate upgrades by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission
  • Focus on learner-centered curriculum and instruction in the content areas
  • Small class sizes and individualized learning
  • Designed to advance middle grades and secondary teachers’ content knowledge and knowledge of diverse adolescent learners
  • Coursework may be transferred into the Ed.D. in Secondary and Middle Grades Education program

*The Secondary Chemistry Education program includes two content courses (6 credit hours) designed as hybrid courses. Students may also attend several face-to-face classes on campus during summer.

Program of Study

The program includes 30 total hours, including 9 hours of education and research core courses, 12 hours of secondary or middle grades major courses, and 9 hours of teaching field courses.

We offer the following degree options:

  • Ed.S. in Middle Grades Language Arts
  • Ed.S. in Secondary English
  • Ed.S. in Middle Grades Mathematics
  • Ed.S. in Secondary Mathematics
  • Ed.S. in Middle Grades Science
  • Ed.S. in Secondary Chemistry
  • Ed.S. in Middle Grades Social Studies
  • Ed.S. in Secondary History

*All courses are Fully Online, except content courses in Chemistry Education and American Studies.

Sample Program of Study

SEMESTER I (Summer, 9 hours)

EDUC 8100: Advanced Study of Learning
EDSM 8901: Capstone Seminar I
Content Field Course #1 (see Program of Study and Proposed Rotations for courses)

SEMESTER II (Fall, 6 hours)

EDRS 8200: Applied Quantitative Research I
Content Field Course #2 (see Program of Study and Proposed Rotations for courses)

SEMESTER III (Spring, 6 hours)

EDRS 8100: Applied Qualitative Research I
EDSM 8500: Emerging Trends & Research on Adolescence Development

SEMESTER IV (Summer, 9 hours)

EDSM 8902: Capstone Seminar II
EDSM 8701: Contemporary Issues in Educational Equity
Content Field Course #3 in Technology Focus (see Program of Study and Proposed Rotations for courses)

Total: 30 Hours

See Ed.S. In Secondary or Middle Grades Education Program of Study web page for more information

Admission Requirements

Please see the KSU Graduate Admissions website for the admission requirements specific to this program at https://graduate.kennesaw.edu/graduate-admissions/admission-requirements.php.


April 1 for admission for summer semester - ALL documents must be submitted by the deadline date. 
July 1 for admission for fall semester - ALL documents must be submitted by the deadline date.

Contact Us

For more information about this degree program, please call 470.578.6314 or email edssmge@kennesaw.edu. For more information on graduate admissions, please call 470.578.6043 or email graded@kennesaw.edu.