Secondary and Middle Grades

EDMG 3300, 3350 and EDMG 3360 

**If a candidate has not obtained PSC Pre-service Certificate they will not be allowed to report out in the field and will be required to withdraw from the course.**

Pre-Service Certification Information:

Beginning Fall 2015, the state of Georgia requires that anyone participating in any course requiring a field experience, where the candidate will enter a public or charter school, must hold a Pre-Service Certificate.  This requirement impacts all courses requiring field experience beyond education foundation courses (EDUC 2110, 2120 & 2130). 

Candidates admitted to the Bagwell College of Education must complete and submit to the Education Student Services office two forms in order to obtain the required Pre-Service Certificate.  The Education Student Services office is located in Kennesaw Hall, Suite 3008.  Forms not submitted in a timely manner could result in incomplete field hours required for a course.

To find the forms, directions for how to fill them out, and learn about how to get them notarized, click here.

Placement Information

The Deadline to Sign up for a Field Experience Placement

Registered students will be notified of the field experience signup dates and times. Signup deadlines are firm. 

For concerns, e-mail: and copy your instructor during the sign-up time.