About the Program

Kennesaw State University (KSU) understands that our students must be global citizens. More importantly, as a teacher preparation institution, our students must comprehend diverse learning styles and cultures that are part of today's classrooms. To meet this need, KSU has established mutually beneficial international partnerships for the placement of student teachers abroad as well as other international engagement activities.

Student teaching is the capstone experience of the undergraduate degree. The challenge of student teaching in a new and foreign culture can be a life changing experience. Student teachers benefit from placements and training abroad which provides invaluable cross cultural immersion opportunities. Our students are stronger educators because of this experience.

Program Requirements

BCOE and EPP student teachers abroad follow the same guidelines and standards as required by the Center for Education Placements and Partnerships (CEPP). Every student teacher is assigned a placement in an international school with an experienced and credentialed collaborating teacher as required by CEPP. Each student teacher abroad is evaluated by a KSU supervisor completing the evaluation instruments required by BCOE/EPP.

International Student Teaching Study Abroad Exchange

International Student Teaching Study Abroad ExchangeIn collaboration with the Education Abroad Office, student teachers are registered for 6 to 12 credit hours in the appropriate area of certification as study abroad participants and charged a study abroad fee equivalent to those designated credits. These resources support the exchange requirements for BCOE/EPP for training and supervision in the international schools. This agreement also provides KSU scholarships for international faculties.

Students use their own resources for air travel and housing in the host country.

  • YEAR
  • 2016
    Costa Rica, Poland, Educador, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda
  • 2015
    Costa Rica, Ecuador, China, and Brazil
  • 2014
    Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uganda
  • 2013
    Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ecuador (TOSS), China, Uganda, Korea
  • 2012
    Ecuador, Ecuador (TOSS), China, Uganda, Belize
  • 2011
    Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Korea
  • 2010
    Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Korea
  • 2009
    Ecuador, Belize, Korea, Costa Rica