About EDL

Our Mission: The Department of Educational Leadership at Kennesaw State University is committed to preparing educational leaders who have sensitivity to and investment in the needs and development of all current and future stakeholders. To meet this mission, the curriculum is focused on critical thinking, problem-solving, and transforming leadership for all candidates through a commitment to welcoming, accessible, responsive, and ethical practice. The department is further committed to building partnerships with a broad spectrum of communities of varied identities, cultures, beliefs, and dispositions through field-based opportunities that explore solutions to current educational challenges. Further, our work is grounded in and develops a professional knowledge base that integrates both practical and research knowledge. It also links theory with systemic and systematic inquiry and emphasizes the generation, transformation, and transfer of professional knowledge to practice.

Mastery of Content: The Bagwell College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership is designed to provide educators with the foundation, advanced knowledge and relevant skills to make a difference in schools and communities today and for the future. We have an approximate 97% graduation rate and passage rate on the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) exam. The GACE is a nationally normed, state-approved assessment program whose purpose is to assess knowledge and skills needed by educational leaders in Georgia schools. Our goal is to provide authentic, relevant instruction to students and to assist educators in meeting their career goals and objectives.

Partnerships and Certification: Our programs prepare dedicated professionals to impact the communities where they live and to prepare today’s students for the future. We offer GaPSC-approved Tier I and Tier II Leader Certification Programs at the Master’s and Specialist levels. Our Education Doctorate is designed for leaders who wish to pursue their studies beyond certification. Our students are working professionals—teachers, assistant principals, and district leaders who are practitioners in Georgia’s public, independent, and charter schools. Our programs that lead to Georgia leader certification are exclusively online; our doctoral program meets the needs of working educators through a hybrid delivery design that blends online and face-to-face learning. The Department of Educational Leadership is committed to preparing leaders to meet the high demands of leading educational change.

Performance-Based Studies: Kennesaw State University’s Educational Leadership programs provide opportunities for students to synthesize and apply the knowledge and practice and develop the skills identified in core knowledge standards through substantial, sustained, standards-based work in real settings. Activities and assignments take place on-the-job in Georgia schools. Students log hours completing their assignments in various school settings, where they are expected to work with all subcategories of students. The curriculum is planned and guided cooperatively by the institution and school partners; curriculum is aligned with state and national standards. Tier I and Tier II students are provided with trained professional coaches and mentors as part of a support team to ensure success as they pursue their certification.

Our Legacy: The Department of Educational Leadership offers an MEd, EdS, EdD, an Endorsement, and Certificate in Educational Leadership. ​We also offer an MEd and EdD in Teacher Leadership, along with a Certification Only option. We offer a Certificate in Higher Education Administration. We are committed to providing support to educational leaders in completing their certification and degree status in our performance-based programs. It is our goal to make the difference in a student’s educational experience that will enable them to transform schools and higher education. A premier program in preparing school administrators and teacher leaders, we are an innovative academic department committed to exploring and advancing the art and science of leading educational organizations. We are firmly committed to improving practice, providing our students with practical experiences upon which they can build. Because of this commitment and focus, the Department is one of the largest and most respected leader certification programs in the State of Georgia.