EDL Faculty and Staff

Faculty in the Educational Leadership Department represent a wide range of teaching, research interests, and professional experiences. The department houses all educational leadership programs. Using an asset-based perspective, faculty in each area are committed to preparing educators to be able to meet the needs of diverse learners and ensure student success.


  • Susan Banke

    Susan Banke Clinical Assistant Professor

    Susan BankePosition:
    Clinical Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-2498
    Email: sbanke@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 462

     As a Clinical Assistant Professor, I have the privilege of working with present and aspiring school leaders in courses such as professional learning, human resources, and leadership. I also facilitate the EDS Coaching and Masters Coaching programs, and a spokesperson to Independent and Charter Schools.
  • David Buckman

    David Buckman Assistant Professor, Coordinator Ed.S. Program

    David G. BuckmanPosition:
    Assistant Professor, Coordinator Ed.S. Program

    Phone: (470) 578-6489
    Email: dbuckman@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 455

    I teach Masters, Ed.S., and Ed.D. courses for students in educational leadership while conducting academic research in the area of school human resources and school finance, which includes: job quality practices and its effect on employees, personnel pay, industrial psychology theories (i.e., job satisfaction, pay satisfaction, and motivation), student achievement predictors, and school diversity. Current courses taught acquaint students with knowledge of data driving decision making concepts in an educational context as well as provide field experience in the area of human resources management.
  • Nicholas Clegorne

    Nicholas Clegorne Associate Professor of Higher Education

    Associate Professor of Higher Education

    Phone: (470) 578-2497
    Email: nclegorn@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 451

    I teach Master's and Ed.D. Courses in Educational Leadership while furthering a research agenda into leadership curricula development in post-secondary STEM programs as well as the impact of mentoring and leadership on career success of student affairs professionals. I am currently slated to teach a number of curriculum and assessment courses and higher education administration courses.
  • Sheryl Croft

    Sheryl Croft Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Coordinator of the EDD Program

    S. CroftPosition:
    Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Coordinator of the EDD Program

    Phone: (470) 578-6401
    Email: scroft10@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 460

    I am presently an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership. I also coordinate and advise students seeking or enrolled in the EDD program.
  • Chinasa Elue

    Chinasa Elue Assistant Professor

    Chinasa Elue, Ph.DPosition:
    Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-2493
    Email: celue@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 461

    I teach graduate level courses in the Department of Educational Leadership. My research focuses on issues of educational access and equity for marginalized populations across the P-20 continuum. The first strand of my research explores the college choice decisions of marginalized student populations. My second line of inquiry explores the impact of law and policy, research, and practice on the educational opportunities for marginalized populations. Lastly, my third line of inquiry examines issues of work life balance and productivity amongst graduate students & faculty.
  • Adrian Epps

    Adrian Epps Associate Dean, Director, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

    Adrian EppsPosition:
    Associate Dean, Director, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

    Phone: (470) 578-2434
    Email: aepps6@kennesaw.edu
    Location: SL 5002

    Administrator in the College of Science and Math; Director of the ATOMS Center and Associate Professor in Educational Leadership.
  • Albert Jimenez

    Albert Jimenez Assistant Professor, Coordinator MEd Program

    Albert M JimenezPosition:
    Assistant Professor, Coordinator MEd Program

    Phone: (470) 578-3352
    Email: ajimen17@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 453

    My primary research interests are in the areas of teacher evaluation and supervision, test item analysis and test construction, and access to quality assessments for English Learners (ELs). I have had the honor of being a SREB Doctoral Scholar, a Goizueta Foundation Scholar, a member of the Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision, and have been awarded the Ray Bruce Academic Support Award for outstanding research in the field of supervision.
  • Arvin Johnson

    Arvin Johnson Assistant Professor

    Arvin JohnsonPosition:
    Assistant Professor

    Phone: (470) 578-3354
    Email: ajohn560@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 457

    I teach graduate courses in the Educational Leadership Department. My research interest includes principal professional learning, best practices in education and leadership, and brain-based leadership and learning.
  • Ugena Whitlock

    Ugena Whitlock Chair, Department of Educational Leadership

    Ugena WhitlockPosition:
    Chair, Department of Educational Leadership

    Phone: (470) 578-6888
    Email: uwhitloc@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 448

    Dr. Whitlock teaches courses in her home department, Secondary & Middle Grades Education, and the Curriculum & Instruction Program. She is affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Studies Department in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, where she teaches for the Gender & Women's Studies, American Studies, and Religious Studies Programs. Her research interests include examining intersecting contexts of gender, race, class, and religion and their mutual relationality with curriculum and schooling. Her current research surrounds thinking theologically about curriculum theory.


  • Vanessa Younis Saho

    Vanessa Younis Saho Administrative Associate II

    Administrative Associate II

    Phone: (470) 578-6888
    Email: vyouniss@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 449

    I support the Chair and Faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership.