Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership

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Next Enrollment Summer 2024

Thank you for your interest in the Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership at Kennesaw State University. To better serve our students' needs, we will accept our next cohort of students Summer 2024. Admission is based on a competitive selection process and enrollment will be limited to a small cohort of students. If you have specific questions, please contact Dr. Jen Wells at jwells42@kennesaw.edu. We look forward to your enrollment in 2024. We appreciate your interest in joining our summer 2024 cohort. 

100% OnlineProgram Description

The Teacher Leadership Program prepares educators to lead their colleagues as teachers. Graduates of the program will be able to earn a Service (S) certificate in Teacher Leadership. Coursework includes graduate semester hours in advanced topics such as assessment, professional development, coaching, curriculum, leadership, and data-driven instruction. Candidates also participate in a residency, which provides significant opportunities for candidates to synthesize and apply the knowledge and practice to develop the skills identified in the Georgia Teacher Leadership Standards 1-7 through substantial, sustained, standards-based work in authentic, embedded settings, planned and guided cooperatively by the program provider and school district personnel.

Program of Study

Teacher Leadership Certification

  • TLED 7000: Foundations of Teacher Leadership
  • TLED 7101: Critical Analysis of Policy, Theory, & Praxis for Teacher Leaders
  • TLED 7465: Professional Learning in Schools
  • TLED 7785: Collaboration with Families and Community
  • TLED 7980: Action Research in Schools
  • TLED 7990: Residency & Capstone
  • TLED 8200: Mentoring, Coaching and Facilitating School Improvement

Additional Program Requirements

  •  ITEC 7305: Data Analysis and School improvement
  • ITEC 7400: 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • TLED 8830: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Teacher Leaders

Research Requirements

  • EDRS 8100: Qualitative Research I
  • EDRS 8200: Quantitative Research I
  • EDRS 9100: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDRS 9200: Advanced Quantitative Research Method


  • TLED 9900: Dissertation Program Total (Ed.D.)

Minimum 48 Credit Hours

Admissions Requirements

Must possess the following beyond the general KSU Graduate College Admission Requirements: 

  • Certificate – Uploaded to graduate application. Current clear, renewable Georgia Teaching Certificate, out-of-state equivalent, OR Educational Leadership Department Chair/Program Coordinator approval. To print a copy of your clear, renewable Georgia teaching certificate, you may log into your MyPSC account.  Must NOT already hold the Teacher Leadership field on your PSC certificate.
  • Employment – Must be employed as teachers or administrators in a traditional public school district, a charter school district, a charter school, or an independent school.  
  • Résumé or Professional Vitae – Uploaded to graduate application. Should document your education, years of teaching experience, current school and district, volunteer and service activities in which you have participated, and any leadership involvement.  
  • Experience – Minimum of THREE (3) years of professional teaching and/or administrative experience required prior to admission consideration. May be a related role serving P-12 education.
  • Mentor Form – This program requires that you have a qualified mentor who meets the GaPSC Mentor requirements at each phase in your program. The Teacher Leadership Mentor Form provides instructions and requirements.  Completed form must be uploaded to graduate application.  Individuals employed in a private school setting will need to reach out to the Bagwell Certification Officer for further guidance.
  • Partnership Agreement – PSC rule 505-3-.72 requires candidates to be “recommend by the school system administrator (superintendent) or designee.  Kennesaw State University must hold a Performance-Based partnership with the Candidate’s School District or Charter/Independent School.  Reach out to the Program Coordinator, for Teacher Leadership, to confirm that one exists with your school system. 


The deadline for applications is April 1 for summer admission.

Contact Us

Contact for more information at 470-578-6888 or edldepartment@kennesaw.edu