Ed.D. Teacher Leadership

Program Description

The Teacher Leadership Program prepares educators to lead their colleagues as teachers. Graduates of the program will be able to earn a Service (S) certificate in Teacher Leadership. Coursework includes graduate semester hours in advanced topics such as assessment, professional development, coaching, curriculum, leadership, and data-driven instruction. Candidates also participate in a residency, which provides significant opportunities for candidates to synthesize and apply the knowledge and practice to develop the skills identified in the Georgia Teacher Leadership Standards 1-7 through substantial, sustained, standards-based work in authentic, embedded settings, planned and guided cooperatively by the program provider and school district personnel.

Program of Study

Teacher Leadership Certification

  • TLED 7000: Foundations of Teacher Leadership
  • TLED 7101: Critical Analysis of Policy, Theory, & Praxis for Teacher Leaders
  • TLED 7465: Professional Learning in Schools
  • TLED 7785: Collaboration with Families and Community
  • TLED 7980: Action Research in Schools
  • TLED 7990: Residency & Capstone
  • TLED 8200: Mentoring, Coaching and Facilitating School Improvement

Additional Program Requirements

  •  ITEC 7305: Data Analysis and School improvement
  • ITEC 7400: 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • TLED 8830: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Teacher Leaders

Research Requirements

  • EDRS 8100: Qualitative Research I
  • EDRS 8200: Quantitative Research I
  • EDRS 9100: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDRS 9200: Advanced Quantitative Research Method


  • TLED 9900: Dissertation Program Total (Ed.D.)

Minimum 48 Credit Hours

Admissions Requirements

Please see the KSU Graduate Admissions website for the admission requirements specific to this program at https://graduate.kennesaw.edu/graduate-admissions/admission-requirements.php.


The deadline for applications is April 1 

Contact Us

Contact for more information at 470-578-6888 or Dr. Miyoshi Juergensen, mjuerge1@kennesaw.edu & Dr. Tamela Thomas, tthom388@kennesaw.edu