Ed.D. Leadership for Learning FAQs



  • Currently, entrance into the program requires a specialist in Educational Leadership with an L-6 certificate

    • 5 years in teaching and/or 3 or more years in leadership
    • Masters and Educational Specialist transcripts
    • Copy of Tier II certification
    • The GRE is currently not a requirement
    • A Personal Statement or Educational Philosophy
    • 45 + hours (36 hours coursework and 9+ hours dissertation work)
  • The program is delivered in a hybrid format with the professor determining how to deliver the class in the hybrid fashion.
    • The typical program of study consists of twelve courses and takes two years by taking two courses each semester.
    •  The dissertation work begins after students take their comprehensive examinations and must be a minimum of nine hours. The average time to complete a dissertation is ten-eleven hours.
  • For six credit hours, the cost is $1,776.00 + $993.00, totaling $2,769.00 for 5 hours or more.

  • Kennesaw State is an approved Education Preparation Provider. Once the program has been completed, students may apply to the GAPSC for a certificate upgrade to their Tier II certification.

  • Beginning in 2021, we will admit students Fall semester only.