B.S. Elementary Education (P-5): Courses


General Education Core Curriculum (Areas A-E) (42 Credit Hours)

Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18 Credit Hours) 

Major Required Core Courses (33 Credit Hours)

  • MUED 3340:Music for Early and Middle Grades
  • ARED 3309:Visual Art for Early & Middle Grades
  • HPE 3670:Early Childhood Health and Physical Education for the Classroom Teacher
  • MAED 3316:Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning for Elementary Teachers
  • MAED 3317:Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Teachers
  • ECE 3313:Preschool Curriculum and Assessment
  • ECE 3320:Teaching Reading and Writing in the Elementary Grades PK-2
  • ECE 3330:Teaching Reading and Writing in the Elementary Grades 3-5
  • ECE 3305:Classroom Assessment for Elementary Teachers
  • ITEC 3100:Improving Learning with Technology in Elementary Classrooms
  • INED 3304:Education of Exceptional Students
  • ECE 2250:Child Development and Early Learning

Professional Education (P-5) Requirements (35 Credit Hours)

  • INED 4482:Applied Linguistics for Teachers of K-5 English Learners
  • INED 4483:Methods and Materials for Teaching ESOL in the K-5 Classroom
  • ECE 4402:Teaching Science in Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 4403:Teaching Social Studies in Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 4408:Teaching Mathematics in Grades P-2
  • ECE 4409:Teaching Mathematics in Grades 3-5
  • ECE 4410:Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
  • ECE 4475:Designing and Sustaining a Classroom Learning Community
  • ECE 4650:Yearlong Clinical Experience I (P-5)
  • ECE 4660:Yearlong Clinical Experience II (P-5)
  • EDUC 4610:Introduction to the Yearlong Clinical Experience

Program Total (128 Credit Hours)

Note: New Program of Study to begin Fall 2022. Continue to check website and undergraduate catalog for updates.