B.S. in Learning, Design, and Technology


A Bachelor of Science in Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) prepares students for entry into a career in instructional design! Instructional design is a growing career market. In this program, you will learn both the theoretical and technical skills needed to succeed in this job. Through our hand-on approach, you will learn how to break down educational and training problems to design, develop, implement, and evaluate educational/training programs in business, medical, educational, and other domains.

In this degree, you will focus on…

  • Mastering the tools and techniques to create instructional programs. 
  • Learning skills to identify situational problems and fix them!
  • Understanding how best to approach learning for all learners in a variety of contexts.
  • Developing the “soft skills” of collaboration and presentation.
  • Creating a professional portfolio to use to launch your career in ID!

Where can you find jobs in instructional design?

Instructional designers are everywhere! Here are some of the places instructional designers work:

  • Business
  • Industry
  • Higher Education
  • Military
  • Government
  • Software Development
  • K12 Education

… and more! 

Why choose a degree in Learning, Design, and Technology at KSU?

The KSU Learning, Design, and Technology degree provides a career ready option upon graduation that enables the student to progress professionally at an accelerated rate. Here are some important statistics to know:

  1. The field of instructional design has grown by 5% in Georgia according to current employment trends data.
  2. Employment data from 2020 indicated a total of nearly 2800 related jobs were posted in Georgia requiring instructional design skills.
  3. Comparing current graduation rates and job availability, there is an approximate annual gap of over 1,600 job openings related to Instructional Design in Georgia alone, which creates a critical need for viable candidates.
  4. KSU is the only university in Georgia that offers an undergraduate option for Learning, Design, and Technology.
  5. Since degrees in this field are typically offered at the graduate level and beyond, entering the field as an undergraduate can accelerate your career path and earning potential by preparing to directly enter the corporate workforce following your undergraduate degree!  

What can you expect from the Learning, Design, and Technology course work?

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The KSU Learning, Design & Technology program prepares you for a career in instructional design through 33-credit hours of major work. These courses include:

  • LDT 3100 Foundations of Instructional Design (3 credits)
  • LDT 3200 Foundations of Visual Design for Learning (3 credits)
  • LDT 3300 Performance Improvement & Needs Assessment (3 credits)
  • LDT 3400 Instructional Design & Development (3 credits)
  • LDT 3500 Multimedia Design & Development for Learning Multimedia Design & Development (3 credits)
  • LDT 3398 Internship in Instructional Design & Technology (3 credits; NOTE: To be eligible for the internship you must earn a "B" or better in the foundational courses: LDT 3100, 3200, 3300, 3400 and 3500.))
  • LDT 4100 Evaluation of Educational Programs Implementation & Evaluation of Learning Experiences (3 credits)
  • LDT 4200 Interactive Learning Environments (3 credits)
  • LDT 4300 Trends & Issues in Instructional Design (3 credits)
  • LDT 4500 Project Management of Instructional Design Project Management (3 credits)
  • LDT 4600 Capstone and Portfolio in Learning, Design, and Technology Capstone & Portfolio (3 credits)

This program utilizes multiple high impact practices to prepare you for an Instructional Design career, including an on-site internship and a capstone project. Beyond the major courses, the 120 hours (total) of course work includes 60-hours of lower division coursework, including two major-related courses: LDT 1100 Making Learning Fun and LDT 2100 Tools & Technologies for Learning. Additionally, flexibility within the program provides opportunities to pursue dual degrees or minors at the same time!

For information and deadlines on applying to KSU, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Contact Us

For more information, please email the Program Coordinator, Dr. Matthew L. Wilson, at LDT@kennesaw.edu or call the School of Instructional Technology and Innovation office at (470) 578-3262.