ITEC M.Ed. GA Certification


 Georgia Educators:

The Master's Degree satisfies requirements for an S-5 certification (service field) in Instructional Technology and increases a T-4 certification to a T-5. However, to qualify for the new S-certification and the certificate upgrade, graduates must pass the GACE assessment in Instructional Technology and add the new field to their existing GaPSC teaching certificate.

*NOTE - This program will NOT lead to initial GaPSC teacher certification.

*NOTE -  The GaPSC requires you to "pass" the GACE to add the new ITEC certification and upgrade your existing Georgia teaching certificate.

*NOTE - Please check with the GaPSC to ensure you will receive an upgrade. You should also check with your school/district to determine if you will receive a salary increase.

*NOTE - You do NOT need to be working in an Instructional Technology position to receive the upgrade! You can remain in the classroom. Please check with your district for any restrictions.