TRAC is here for YOU! TRAC is pleased to have provided uninterrupted service throughout Fall 2020, and we look forward to serving you with regular operating hours and a full team of friendly staff in Spring 2021! Employees and visitors are wearing masks, sanitizing hands, physically distancing, and performing disinfection protocols throughout the facility. The same great services and resources are provided with minor modifications that promote health safety.

Flexibility and communication has been the key to success!  We recommend calling before your visit to find out if there are any current restrictions that may affect your visit.  It may be necessary for us to occasionally limit the number of visitors in order to maintain a safe environment, but we’ll be glad to go the extra mile to help you another way if you are unable to visit TRAC for any reason.  We will pull library books in advance, meet you outside, and print, laminate, trim, or bind for you as needed.  Let’s work together to get the job done safely!

What is TRAC? The Teacher Resource and Activity Corner is a curriculum center designed to help education students, teachers, and community members plan and prepare effective and creative classroom instruction. TRAC has three primary service zones: open computer lab, education-related library, and production workroom.

  • The COMPUTER LAB includes an Oculus Virtual Reality station, scanner, copy/print capabilities, 11 desktop computer cubbies, 24 laptops, 10 iPads, and 20 headsets with microphones available for checkout.
  • The LIBRARY houses over 30,000 items to support the scholarship and development of pre-service and in-service educators.  It lends professional books and DVDs, K-12 textbooks and supplements, literature for children through young adults, and a wide array of educational extras like classroom tools, manipulatives, games, models, and more.
  • The WORKROOM was designed with teachers in mind: large format printers, laminators, button-makers, binding machines, extra-wide paper trimmers, digital and manual die cuts stations, and EXCITING NEW ADDITIONS ARE ON THE WAY! TRAC is expanding its makerspace capabilities in Spring 2021 with a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer, a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer, and a variety of new maker kits and supplies.

And, of course, the friendly TRAC team is available to assist visitors!

EVERYONE at KSU is invited to use TRAC!  Members of the local community may also use TRAC with a Friends of the Library card purchased from the campus library.  Visit soon to explore all TRAC has to offer!

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