Ed.S.GA Certification


Georgia Educators:

The Certification Track is designed for educators who are not currently certified in Instructional Technology. The Certification Track leads to the new S-6 certification (service field) in Instructional Technology and increases a Georgia T-5 certification to a T-6. To qualify for a certificate upgrade and salary increase (based upon the salary structure of your employing school system), you must pass the GACE assessment in Instructional Technology and add the new field to your certificate.

*NOTE - Please check with the GaPSC to ensure you will receive an upgrade upon graduation. You should also check with your school/district to determine if you will receive a pay increase.

*NOTE - You do NOT need to be working in an Instructional Technology position to receive the upgrade! You can remain in the classroom.

*NOTE - You must "pass" the GACE to add the new ITEC certification and upgrade your existing Georgia teaching certificate.