Weebly Portfolio Videos

Setting up Your Electronic Portfolio using the free website at weebly.com. Please ignore the prompts in the video that tell you to go to education.weebly.com. The education site is no longer active, so please go to weebly.com to login.

Helpful Tips 

1. Once you start playing a video, you might want to click on the arrows icon at the bottom right of the video window to view the video full screen!

2. If you print this handout, it will be very helpful for you as you are setting up your portfolio.

3. You will need to view the two headers below and save one of them to your hard drive for use in your portfolio.

4. Download this Alignment Map for your portfolio. The Alignment Map is in a Google Doc, so if you would like to save and work on your Alignment Map from your Google Drive, then you should be able to click on File, Make A Copy and save it directly to your Google Docs. Otherwise, you can download it as a Word document by going to File, Download, Microsoft Word and saving it where ever you like. (The Alignment Map is what you will submit to ISTE for certification after graduation should you choose to do so!)

5. Open a new tab in your Internet browser and go to weebly.com. All work in setting up your portfolio should be free. You should NOT have to pay for anything. 

6. Weebly is always making updates, so the videos may not match exactly (Ex: Themes may change. Just find a similar one with menus at the top). Regardless of changes, the videos should be very helpful!

START HERE - Portfolio Overview: Watch the Portfolio Overview video below to learn and understand the portfolio requirements. Click on this Portfolio Assignments handout to see a list of assignments in each course you will use to develop an artifact for your portfolio AND this ISTE Certification Criteria Checklist for a list of things your artifacts must contain. Also, check out this Organizing Your Folders handout for a recommended list of folders and subfolders for you to create to help you stay organized throughout the program. If you would like to see a sample portfolio shell, click here - ksusiti.weebly.com.