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List of BCOE faculty interested in research collaboration

You can find below a list of BCOE faculty interested in research collaboration. Please contact the individual directly, if you have questions.

BCOE faculty interested in getting included in this list will communicate their expertise and current interests here

  • Methodological Expertise: Phenomenology; Post intentional phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Discourse Analysis, Narrative Inquiry; focus group, bridling, reflexivity

    Topics of Interest: Youth empowerment; marginalized youth; achievement gaps; culture in school; creating classroom communities; creating supportive teaching environments

    Current Projects: Success stories of recent college graduates; a discourse analysis of the grit of four recent college graduates from a rural, Title I school; using new literacies to foster youth empowerment; multi-generational effort to increase reading achievement; discourse analysis of a co-teaching clinical experience

  • Methodological Expertise: Post-qualitative methodologies, poststructuralism, Foucauldian discourse analysis

    Topics of Interest: Economics curriculum; grocery stores; panopticons; social studies education; classroom management and citizenship; disrupting discourses on behavior in school; power and punishment; Theorists: Lazzarato, Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, Barad, J-J Goux, Nietzsche 

    Current Projects: Meta-synthesis discourse analysis on literature reviews of K-12 economics curriclum; co-authored paper that conceputalizes social studies as intra-disciplinary; project on the Center for Civil and Human Rights and putting theory into practice; discourses of work in classrooms; using theories of Maurizio Lazzarato in social studies; signs and socks-how preservice teachers talk about economics; capitalism and school curriculum; debt and citizenship; the work of Jean-Joseph Goux and Georges Bataille informing social studies education 

  • Methodological Expertise: Quantitative Methods: survey design and scale validation, factor-analysis,regression, ANOVA, t-tests, Structural Equation Modeling

    Topics of Interest: Student motivation, Self-regulation, Co-regulation, Teacher emotion regulation, Teacher burnout

    Current Projects: 1. Middle school students' self-regulation and co-regulation strategies in mathematics, 2.Teacher emotion regulation and emotional labor (using ipad-mini to collect experience sampling data in classroom) 3. Does advanced degree matter? An examination of historical and interpretive data for a local Title I school district.

  • Methodological Expertise: Mixed-Methods

    Topics of Interest: Teacher preparation for culturally and linguistically diverse students with or at risk for disabilities; Mathematics interventions for students with disabilities/difficulties; Response to intervention for English Learners

    Current Projects: 1. Culturally responsive mathematics methods coursework (planning) 2. Mathematics vocabulary and equations (analysis) 3. Culturally and linguistically responsive word-problem instruction (dissemination)

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative Research

    Topics of Interest: Womanism, Decolonial Studies, and Afrofuturism as related to education in the United States

    Current Projects: 1. Black Queer Teachers in the South (dissemination;ongoing), 2. Energy-wave transmutation (dissemination;ongoing), 3. APS Teacher Incarceration Scandal (preliminary phase)

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative

    Topics of Interest: Quantitative reasoning; Algebraic reasoning; Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education

    Current Projects: Teacher mathematical content knowledge, teacher use of technology, teacher STEM content knowledge, STEM integration

  • Methodological Expertise: My theoretical expertise is Reader Response, Storyworld Possible Selves theory and Jungian archetypal story theory.

    Topics of Interest: My broad area of interest is in the possibilities of story as pedagogical took. My research area of expertise is content analysis and case study. My past work includes the use of multicultural literature as pedagogy for teaching diversity dispositions to undergraduate and graduate students and I have an article submitted on the use of story in changing pre-service teacher attitudes toward reading.

    Current Projects: I am currently working on the use of story in teaching resilience skills to children who are at risk for or have had traumatic experiences. I am currently in revision stage for an article on this topic and am planning a long term ethnographical case study on the same.

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative Methods & Program Evaluation, Special interest in Case Study Research

    Topics of Interest: Ubiquitous learning, Technology enhanced learning, Computer supported collaborative learning. Orchestration of technology enriched classrooms. Evaluation of ubiquitous learning settings, Design of qualitative research studies

    Current Projects: 1. Does advanced degree matter? Examination of historical and interpretive data for a local Title I school district 2. "RESET: Reformulating Educational Scalable Ecosystems: (funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.) 3. Creation and evaluation of the Hopscotch Model and Webtool. A tool to help graduate students to thoroughly accomplish with the stages included in the design of qualitative research studies, as well as a conceptual model for faculty to design comprehensive syllabi in the field of qualitative research.

  • Methodological Expertise: Educational Statistics, Quantitative Research Methods, Validity study including Factor Analysis, Differential Item Functioning, Latent Class Analysis

    Topics of Interest: Mental health screening among children, Quality of life among cancer survivors

    Current Projects: Understanding health related quality of life among breast cancer survivors by identifying distinct groups of survivors with different HRQOL trajectories over a nine year period/ Exploring Measurement Invariance by Gender in the Profile of Mood States Depression Subscale among cancer survivors.

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative

    Topics of interest: Power and privilege in mathematics education; system transformation in secondary mathematics, at the school or district level; heterogeneous, discourse-rich, thinking secondary mathematics classrooms; The Algebra Project; secondary mathematics teacher preparation program transformation.

    Current projects: Computer Science in Middle Grades Mathematics Classrooms, with Clayton County Schools, NSF CSforAll #2031490; Noyce Scholarship for the Recruitment of STEM Teachers, NSF Noyce #1340019; PK–12 book series on math lessons to examine social injustice; Ethnographic study of a school district's efforts to align mathematics instruction and structures with policy; Mathematics Teacher Education Partership; Math and science curriculum for youth-led, community-based sustainable gardening; Atlanta Algebra Project and Young People's Project

  • Methodological Expertise: Mixed method studies, Qualitative methodology, Quantitative methodology: advanced stats, cluster analysis, structured equation modeling, and logistic regression, Assessment development

    Topics of Interest: 1. Visual Literacy in Science- What representations are used? How do students use them? What do students understand of the representations we give them? 2.Misconceptions in Science- Diagnosing student understanding of various topics. Development of assessments to measure student understanding. 3. Assessment- Development and use of various assessment tools to measure aspects of student experiences and learning.

  • Methodological Expertise: Mixed Method Studies

    Topics of Interest: Wolf Education, Motivation of in-service teachers through experiences in national parks and other informal science education centers, Inquiry teaching and learning

    Current Projects: The Impact of the Yellowstone Teacher Project (in progress)

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative Methods (esp. case study)

    Topics of Interest: Collaborative models of teacher professional learning, Technology supports for collaborative models of teacher professional learning, Technology integration in B-12 environments, Supporting online faculty

    Current Projects: 1. Technologies to support an online Critical Friends Group (dissemination), 2. Virtual Critical Friends Group: A Case Study (dissemination), 3. Role of the Facilitator in an Online Critical Friends Group

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative (Case Study)

    Topics of Interest: Teacher Reflection using Digital Video; Technology Integration in informal learning spaces; expert teacher technology integration (TPACK)

    Current Projects: 1. K12 Blended and Online Learning MOOC study (in progress) 2. Pre-service science teacher reflection using digital video (data analysis) 3. Developing TPACK in pre-service teachers (manuscript in revision)

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative (Action Research)

    Topics of Interest: Collaborative models of teacher professional learning, Technology supports for collaborative models of teacher professional learning, Technology integration in B-12 environments, Supporting online faculty

    Current Projects: Translanguaging in Systemic Functional Linguistics (Book chapter in progress) 2. Literature Review on Sociocultural Pedagogies in Bilingual Education

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative, Professional Development Evaluation

    Topics of Interest: Strategies for facilitating professional learning for both teachers and technology coaches in online and blended learning environments to promote Community of Inquiry. Evaluation of technology coaching strategies in online and blended learning environments.

    Current Projects: 1. K12 Blended and Online Learning MOOC study (in progress), 2. Effective use of Flipped Professional Learning by Technology Coaches (planning)

  • Methodological Expertise: Content Analysis; texbook/standard analysis research; parent-child research; self-study; action-research

    Topics of Interest: Critical race theory, critical race parenting, AsianCrit, Asian American education, Asian American children and youth and their racial civic identity; immigrant education; teacher education for social justice; justice oridented civic education

    Current Projects: Parent-reserach from AsianCrit and CRT perspective on children of color and their navigation of white supremacy

  • Methodological Expertise: Quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, comparative research

    Topics of Interest: Parental involvement (engagement) in school/center/home; Child center quality study, Teacher efficacy

    Current Projects: 1) Comparative study including countries, Korea, China, Taiwan, Poland, and U.S. in relation to parental involvement impacted by teacher related factors; 2) Minority parents' involvement in their child's schooling in relation to the availability of community resources

  • Methodological Expertise: Qualitative (autoethnography, self-study, case study)

    Topics of Interest: Mathematics for Social Justice, Early childhood mathematics, mathematics teacher education

    Current Projects: The use of autoethnography by MTEs (in progress)


BCOE faculty interested in research collaboration will communicate their expertise and current interests here. Please contact the individual directly, if you have questions.