Methodological Consulting

The Research Consortium offers expert advisement in designing and reporting study methods. The long-term model of consultant compensation has not been determined. During the pilot year, methodological consultants will be compensated at a capped hourly rate. The Research Consortium does not prioritize or promote one type of research over another. Both qualitative and quantitative support are offered based on demand.

The Research Consortium has the following methodologists to serve as consortium consultants. 

  • Dr. Jinhee Kim 

    Position: Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education

    Phone: (470) 578-6619
    Location: KH 3221

  • Dr. Jihye Kim

    Position: Associate Professor of Educational Research

    Phone: (470) 578-4904
    Location: BEB 343


To request methodological consulting services, please complete the Support Services Request Form.