Editing and Publication

Dr. Harriet Bessette (hbessett@kennesaw.edu) will be serving as Editor in Residence starting February 5th, 2024. She is  responsible for providing assistance and expertise to faculty in our college, with their research manuscripts, presentations, and proposals. She will work closely with both the Research Catalyst Associate Dean and the Research Consortium Committee (RCC) (including the  RCC methodologists in residence) to provide researchers in the BCOE with the support needed to facilitate the dissemination of their scholarship.

The duties of the Editor in Residence are: 

  1. Support the Research Consortium Committee in ascertaining faculty development needs and interests related to dissemination of their scholarly work.
  2. Review BCOE faculty manuscripts, and conference proposals to offer one-on-one guidance to faculty.
  3. Provide support to the author by offering advisement on publication strategies.

Note: The BCOE Editor in Residence will not write any manuscripts for faculty but provide guidance and feedback in the process. Also, due to contracted compensation, the consultant forfeits any claim to authorship on manuscripts and proposals supported through the Research.

Please fill out the following form to request the services of the Editor in Residence: