Doctoral Students

The Research Consortium also serves BCOE doctoral students in planning and implementing their own original research through the following supports:

  1. Individual methodological guidance. While all BCOE graduate faculty have research experience and expertise, many teaching faculty have specific methodological experiences that may not align with a doctoral student's interests. Therefore doctoral students often require additional educational research methods expertise to plan and complete a project. The Research Consortium offers methodological consultation in both the quantitative and qualitative paradigms.
  2. Graduate library services. Accessing the latest literature to inform research is a critical skill for the dissertation process. To support literature investigations, the BCOE graduate librarian offers doctoral student consultations as a service of the Research Consortium.
  3. Methods workshops. The Research Consortium provides professional development workshops on topics related to educational research including qualitative methods and quantitative methods. These workshops are open to faculty and all BCOE doctoral students. To learn about upcoming workshops or suggest a workshop topic visit our Professional Development page.

To request support from a methodologist or the graduate librarian, please complete the form below. If you do not get a response back regarding your request within 3 business days, you may either contact an RCC member or resubmit the form.