B.S. in Middle Grades Education Courses


Program of Study
Program Total: 120 Credit Hours

The program includes 120 total hours, including 42 hours of Professional Education courses. All students complete 60 hours of General Education courses. Candidates choose to concentrate study in two of the following content areas, declaring one area as “primary” and the other as “secondary":

  • Language Arts Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Science Education
  • Social Studies Education

NOTE: The Reading Education concentration is no longer admitting students. Students who completed EDRD 3320 prior to or during the fall semester of 2017 will be allowed to complete the concentration. Please contact the B.S. in Middle Grades Education Program Coordinator at mgesmge@kennesaw.edu for more information.

Candidates will complete clinical field experiences in their primary content area unless otherwise requested. Each content area requires an additional 12 credit hours of coursework beyond those completed in Area F.

Please refer to the current KSU Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of the Program of Study, including the specific coursework required for each teaching field concentration.

General Education Requirements (42 Credit Hours)

All KSU students complete a comprehensive series of interrelated courses in the liberal arts and sciences. See a listing of the General Education Requirements.

Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18 Credit Hours)

In addition to completing nine credit hours of Foundations courses, candidates must complete six credit hours in their primary teaching field concentration and three credit hours in their secondary teaching field concentration. 

Teaching Field Requirements (21 credit hours)

Candidates must complete an additional nine credit hours of coursework in their primary content area, and twelve credit hours in their secondary content area beyond courses taken in Area F for at total of 15 credit hours in each content area.

Professional Education Requirements (39 Credit Hours)

Students must be admitted to Teacher Education Program before taking these courses. An application is required for admission to the Yearlong Clinical Experience.

Additional Information

Students must petition to graduate during the semester PRIOR to their graduation semester. See the KSU Registrar’s website for more information.

For more information on advisement in undergraduate education programs, please call Education Student Services at 470.578.6105 or email BCOE_advising@kennesaw.edu. You may also email mgesmge@kennesaw.edu.