Welcome to TRAC!

We are happy to be fully open and providing regular service 56 hours per week.  TRAC is following the Covid safety protocols adopted by the University.  If you need special assistance for any reason, please speak to a staff member.  We’ll be glad to find ways to assist you while minimizing your risk and ensuring access to resources and services.

What is TRAC? The Teacher Resource and Activity Corner is a curriculum center designed to help education students and teachers plan and prepare effective and creative classroom instruction.

TRAC has these primary service zones: 

  • COMPUTER LAB: includes desktop computers, laptops, iPads, headsets with microphones, scanner, copy/print options, and an Oculus Virtual Reality station
  • EDUCATION LIBRARY: houses over 30,000 items to support the scholarship and development of teachers, including professional books and DVDs, K-12 textbooks, Infant through Young Adult literature, and a wide array of educational extras like classroom tools, tech-oriented kits, manipulatives, games, models, and more
  • MAKER WORKROOM: set up with large format printers, laminators, button-makers, binding machines, extra-wide paper trimmers, digital and manual die cuts stations, and (NEW IN 2021!) a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer and Makerbot Replicator 3D printer

EVERYONE at KSU is invited to use TRAC!  Members of the local community may also use TRAC with a Friends of the Library card purchased from the Sturgis Library (some restrictions apply).

And, of course, the friendly TRAC team is available to assist visitors.  Visit soon to explore all TRAC has to offer!

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