The Curriculum Library in TRAC is a great resource for any teaching environment. The professional development section of TRAC’s library houses thousands of titles to help with virtually every need. There are books on classroom management, curriculum development, study skills, school leadership, inclusive education, teaching English as a Second Language, subject area advice, and more! Books may be checked out for 4 weeks. Please refer to our borrowing policy for more information.

Our Children’s Literature section houses a large variety of books for all level readers from picture books to chapter books to novels. TRAC is now housing the Difazio Children's Collection formally housed in the Sturgis Library. We also have a collection of over 300 Big Books!

In the TRAC library you will find our Idea Books arranged by subject and available for check-out. You are welcome to make copies of any reproducible materials.

Check out the kits and games section to find just what your students need to enhance their classroom learning experience. TRAC offers manipulatives, educational games, teaching models, musical instruments, puppets, and more! Students, faculty, staff, and Friends of the Library card holders may borrow these items for 2 weeks at a time. Our list of kits and games is categorized by the most dominant subject, however many items may be used for a variety of subjects.

TRAC has a large DVD library with over 1,600 titles! Browse the shelves or use our directory to find what you are looking for. From literary adaptations to professional development films to documentaries, the TRAC DVD Library is bound to have something for all.

To round out our library, TRAC has a section of student and teacher edition textbooks for every subject and grade level Kindergarten through High School. Check the card pocket for the grade level of a particular book.

Most of our books are included in KSU’s online library catalog. You can access the catalog from the library link. Look at the location listed for the title you are interested in to determine if the book is located in TRAC or the campus library. To view only TRAC holdings, choose TRAC on the left side bar under location.

The central area of TRAC has 11 computers with Internet access, a print/copy station, and spacious tables for studying and working on group projects. Students who wish to work at a table may check out a laptop. TRAC provides wireless access for laptop users, however there is limited electrical outlet access so we recommend you power your laptop with a battery.

Library Resources