• Yes. All patrons with a current KSU ID may borrow from TRAC. Visitors may borrow materials by obtaining a Friends of the Library (FOL) card. See Community Visitor page for more information.

  • Our books are catalogued in the KSU library system. You may access the catalog by going to the main page for Kennesaw State University and click on Library, or click the link on the TRAC Library page.
    • When the search box appears, type in the book you want and click catalog. (All results will be displayed for TRAC and Sturgis.)
    • Click on Teacher Resource & Activity Corner located on the left side of search results.
    • This will display items located in TRAC.
  • Most books may be kept for 4 weeks. Special items may be checked out for 2 weeks. You may not renew items beyond this period. Please see complete borrowing policy for more information.
  • No. Children under 18 are not allowed in TRAC.
  • Use of TRAC is free. There is a minimal charge for materials you may use that we provide. A complete list of chargeable items is included on our price list. TRAC excepts payment by cash or check only.
  • We accept cash and checks.
  • TRAC is staffed by two full-time staff members and 10 student assistants. Any member of the TRAC team will be happy to teach you how to use a piece of equipment --- just ask! We also provide both written instructions and video tutorials for each piece of equipment on our TRAC Workroom page.
  • We’ll be glad to show you around. Just call and set up a tour for you or your group. 470-578-6420.
  • TRAC Donation Policy

    TRAC will accept donations of textbooks, reference books, professional books, literature, kits, games, idea books, and educational DVDs that meet the criteria listed below:

    • Very good to excellent condition (no loose or missing pages, no highlighting, no written notations)
    • A complete, original work (no copies)
    • Appropriate for use in a contemporary educational setting
    • Less than 5 years old
    • Durable goods only, no consumable or one-time use items

    TRAC will provide a thank you letter by mail within ten business days to verify donation. TRAC does not assign monetary value to any donations.

    TRAC reserves the right to keep or dispose of donations as desired. TRAC will keep only those items that meet the criteria listed above and meet TRAC's current needs. All other items will be offered to KSU education students and faculty as free items or be donated to the campus library for its annual "Friends of the Library" book sale.