Technology Innovation Activities (TIAs)

Technology innovation is a critical component of teaching and learning. Today’s educators must possess the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to learn, create, and innovate to meet the needs of ALL learners. TIAs are intended to help you develop an innovator’s mindset that empowers learning, unleashes talent, and leads to a culture of creativity and innovation in your classroom. This is an opportunity for you to experience the types of hands-on maker activities you can use with your students in the future.

To complete a TIA, simply click on the links below to explore the various Technology Innovation Activities (TIAs) and decide which activity you would like to complete. Once you review the TIAs, visit TRAC on the 2nd floor of Kennesaw Hall to get started. All the kits and supplies you will need will be available in TRAC.  You can document your TIA with pictures, video, or other forms of multimedia. Once you complete the TIA, you will write a short reflection, add your pics or video link to it, and upload it to D2L.

Questions? Email the BCOE Tech Coach, Helen Maddox -

Happy Innovating!