TRAC’s workroom is a fun and energetic place where creative educators can make things for their classrooms. We offer basic supplies for your projects at a minimal cost. Of course visitors are always welcome to bring their own supplies if they prefer. For your convenience TRAC stocks dozens of  richly colored construction paper options. Our sheets are a generous 12” x 18”. We also have an assortment of 48" fade resistant craft paper to create exciting bulletin board displays and coordinating corrugated borders. We have poly foam sheets and colorful poster board. See our price list for current prices. Supplies and poster printing may be purchased with cash or check only. We are sorry but we cannot accept cards of any kind. Checks must be accompanied by a state-issued photo ID.

We also have many supplies for you to use free of charge while in TRAC; markers, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, staplers, rubber bands, grommets, scissors, rulers, paper clips, brads, and more.

For prices download TRAC Price List for more information.

 The workroom also has the following equipment to create many projects: 

  • Buttons can be used for rewards, motivators, social issues, campaigns, student helpers, achievements, birthdays, field trips, prizes, fund raisers, and much more. You can chose from our designs or create your own.

    *While we stock button supplies, if you need to make more than 50 we ask that you bring your own. Individuals and organizations are limited to 50 buttons per semester using our supplies. You can order in quantity at

  • Like comb binding, coil binding offers an economic way to bind. This option allows you to bind 12 pages up to 375 pages. Coil bindings will fit a legal size piece of paper and are also available in lengths of 36 inches. Choose from a variety of mix and match covers for a look that suits your purpose. Click to view image.

  • This is an inexpensive and easy way to bind projects and they will open flat. Use this to bind a class set of booklets, flip books, classroom publishing, or research papers. Binder sizes range from ¼ inch that hold up to 25 pages to 1 ½ inch that holds up to 300 pages. Choose from a variety of mix and match covers for a look that suits your purpose.

  • With the Unibind method of binding your publications will look sleek and professional. You can bind as few as 5 pages or as many as 100.

  • We house over 800 die cut shapes and 12 letter/number sets and the Greek letters! Our shapes come in standard 4” patterns, but we also have mini and extra-large shapes. See our list of shapes by clicking on the PDF to the right.

  • This machine will cut your pattern in different sizes. You may choose from thousands of shapes and fonts or browse the collection for shapes that naturally go together. You pick the shape, size and number that you need and the machine does the rest! See our list of shapes in the PDF to the right and watch to video for a demonstration of the machine.

  • We have 4 laminators and stock laminate in 3 different weights: 1.5 mil (light), 3.0 mil (medium), and 5.0 mil (heavy). The lightweight laminate is great for preserving items that will not be handled excessively. The medium weight is sturdier and is good for heavier weight papers. The maximum width for the light and medium weight laminators is 24 inches. Heavy weight is ideal for items that will endure heavy usage or outdoor conditions. The maximum width to heavy laminate is 30.5 inches.

  • Our slide cutters are a safe and easy way to cut a straight line every time!
  • Our full color poster printers makes quality posters that you design. We can print high-gloss posters of any size from 12"x18" up to 42"x56", or if you prefer, our matte finish paper will print sizes from 12"x18" up to 24"x56". You decide the size, you decide the design. Bring your print-ready poster in on a flash drive or e-mail it to yourself and we will be happy to print it for you. Please note that we are happy to assist you, however you are responsible for payment of any poster that is printed. The price to print on the high-gloss is $2.00 per square foot for those with a current KSU ID and $4.00 per square foot for visitors; or to print matte the price is $.75 per square foot for KSU ID holders and $1.50 per square foot for non-KSU visitors. Our printer prints from Power Point and we request that your designs are formatted in this program. Please be sure that your poster is sized correctly before you arrive. Click on the link for tips on how to create your poster for print. You may also view a video tutorial for how to set up your poster.

Please note: TRAC does not print posters for commercial businesses, even if the customer is a KSU student or employee. Use of any print/copy devise on campus requires either a student ID or guest card, both of which operate like a debit card. Each print or copy electronically deducts from the dollar amount on the card. BW prints are 10¢ per page, color prints are 50¢ per page. TRAC visitors can purchase guest cards for $2 at the kiosk in the Burress Building. Value can be added to the card in $1 increments. Keep in mind that the machine does not give change. The print/copy station shuts down 15 minutes before TRAC closing.


**All poster printing must be requested in person. We do not accept emailed orders.

**Please call ahead to insure that the poster printer is available for you to print.

**You may make an appointment however please note that the last time to begin a print is 90 minutes before TRAC closing time.