INED 3305 and 3306, INED 6410, 6411, 6412

INED 3305 and 3306: Education of Exceptional Students – Undergraduate Course for all Education Majors

These courses prepare candidates to work collaboratively with families and school personnel to have a positive impact on the educational, social and behavioral development of all students, including those with a full range of exceptionalities, in a diverse society. They focus on knowledge of legislative mandates for serving exceptional students, characteristics of exceptionality, best practices in facilitating teaching and learning, and accountability through assessment of outcomes. These courses require an observational experience in an assigned school placement. Verification of professional liability insurance is required prior to placement in the field experience. These courses fulfill Georgia HB 671 requirement. 

INED 6410 Foundations and Historical Perspectives in Special Education

INED 6411 Strength-Based Perspectives of Students with Exceptionalities

INED 6412 Effective Instruction for Students with Exceptionalities – Masters of Arts in Teaching

These courses are part of the professional education courses leading to initial certification through successful completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Kennesaw State University.  In 2001, NCLB set the tone of high expectations for all, meaning that schools are accountable for closing the achievement gap between the subgroup of students with disabilities and those of the general population. To be successful, educators must first, and foremost, have a clear understanding of diversity that guides their practice and brings them to a better understanding of the various constituency groups in their schools.  Second, teachers must demonstrate the ability to foster learning environments that are culturally responsive, inclusive, caring and accepting of all individuals. These courses prepare prospective content area middle and secondary teachers with a greater understanding of diversity as well as the collaborative tools necessary to bringing all students, including those with disabilities, to high educational standards. These courses fulfill the Georgia HB 671 requirement.