M.Ed. In Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages TESOL (PK-12)


The KSU TESOL program allowed me to become a certified ESOL teacher. With a MAT degree, Program Overview

This fully online M.Ed.in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program enrolls a new cohort of experienced general education teachers each summer. It is structured so cohort candidates complete the 36 credit-hour master’s degree program in six semesters (two years). 
No on-campus attendance is required. Online coursework is taught by graduate faculty utilizing technology to provide synchronous and/or asynchronous content delivery, feedback, and supervision as candidates complete field experience at their current work setting. 

This advanced program prepares teachers to use inclusive special education practices to educate all learners with varied educational needs in Georgia. The program of study in TESOL focuses on teaching students with varying social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. The program includes core courses in curriculum development, collaborative practices and content area teaching strategies in reading and writing. Individuals majoring in TESOL receive the ESOL Endorsement after the first 2 semesters in the program. The M.Ed. in TESOL has been approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. 

Program of Study

Summer I

  • INED 7781 Cultural Issues for ESOL Teachers
  • INED 7787: Content Area Reading and Writing for English Learners

Fall I

  • INED 7782 Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers
  • INED 7783 Methods & Materials for Teaching ESOL

Spring I

  • INED 7779 Collaborative Practices with Families, Schools & Communities
  • INED 7731 Assessment of English Language Learners

Summer II

  • INED 7750 Language, Power and Pedagogy
  • INED 7763 Curriculum Development for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Fall II

  • INED 7741 Teacher Inquiry and Research in TESOL
  • INED 7778 Language Development and Literacy for English Learners

Spring II

  • INED 7981 TESOL MEd Practicum
  • INED 7790 Critical Inquiry in TESOL

TOTAL 36 Credit Hours

Admission Requirements

Must possess the following beyond the general KSU Graduate College Admission Requirements:  

  • Degree – Bachelor’s degree.
  • Certificate – Uploaded to graduate application. Current clear, renewable Georgia Teaching Certificate, out-of-state equivalent, OR Inclusive Education Department Chair/Program Coordinator approval. To print a copy of your clear, renewable Georgia teaching certificate, you may log into your MyPSC account.  
  • Résumé or Professional Vitae – Uploaded to graduate application. Should document education, teaching experience, community service, and your record of leadership.  
  • Recommendation Forms (2) – Forms and their directions are in the online graduate application. May submit letters of recommendation or utilize evaluation form to be completed via the graduate application. The KSU Graduate College will send electronic evaluation forms to these sources. Two evaluations must be submitted for this admission requirement to be noted as complete. These recommendations must come from an educational professional who has taught or supervised your work and who can write with authority about your abilities as an educator.
  • Professional Reflections Statement – Uploaded to graduate application. Should be 1-2 pages and address the following:  
    1. Your professional training, interests, needs and concerns.  
    2. The nature and quality of your professional experiences.
    3. Specific issues you plan to address during the pursuit of your master’s degree.
    4. Why you have chosen a career in teaching English learners. 
  • Interview – An interview may be required. If so, you will be contacted by the program to set up an interview. 

* Please note: International Students (Visa and Green Card Holders) Please visit KSU’s International Graduate Admissions site for additional requirements. Additionally, KSU’s International Student and Scholar Services provides assistance. 


Enrolls Summer - May 1 deadline
Enrolls Fall - July 1 deadline

Contact Us

For more information about this program please email Dr. Jayoung Choi at ined-info@kennesaw.edu.