Ed.S. in Special Education


Next Cohort - Summer 2023 - Not Currently Enrolling

Program Overview

The Ed.S has recently been redesigned and the program of study and admission requirements will be forthcoming. We will be accepting a new Ed.S cohort for Summer 2023 based on applications that reflect the new program of study and Ed.S requirements.

Program of Study

Education and Research Core (12 Credit Hours):

  • EDUC 8100: Advanced Study of Learning (3 Credit Hours)
  • EDRS 8100: Qualitative Research I (3 Credit Hours)
  • EDRS 8200: Quantitative Research I (3 Credit Hours)
  • ITEC 7400: 21st Century Teaching and Learning (3 Credit Hours)

Major Requirements (15 Credit Hours):

  • INED 8335: Special Education from a Historical Perspective (3 Credit Hours)
  • INED 8310: Education Policies: Impact on Special Education (3 Credit Hours)
  • INED 7800: Curriculum Theory, Development, and Practice (3 Credit Hours)
  • INED 8360: Equitable Education for Diverse Learners (3 Credit Hours)
  • INED 8315: Critical Analysis of Collaboration in Schools (3 Credit Hours)

TOTAL: 27 Credit Hours

Admission Requirements

Please see the KSU Graduate Admissions website for the admission requirements specific to this program at https://graduate.kennesaw.edu/graduate-admissions/admission-requirements.php.


April 1 for summer 2023 enrollment.

Contact Us

For more information please call (470) 578-6043 or Email us at educ_grad@kennesaw.edu.