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The mission of the Inclusive Education Department is to support and honor all learners and their families with a focus on English language learners and individuals with exceptionalities. We accomplish the mission by developing educators who can effectively teach individuals with exceptionalities while addressing the unique needs of learners with varying social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.    


In our pursuit to address the educational needs of individuals with exceptionalities and English Language Learners, Kennesaw State University's Inclusive Education Department forges ahead as a national leader, building the capacity of all schools to promote the educational success of every learner. The Inclusive Education Department is committed to the collaborative development of expertise in teaching, learning, and leadership through student-centered learning that is integrative and intentional. In cooperation with families, school systems, and community agencies, the department prepares teachers and school leaders to exhibit knowledge, skills, and dispositions that facilitate high levels of learning through educationally inclusive practices. Through an integrated research-based approach, programs are systematically created and implemented to transform teacher candidates’ worldviews, thus empowering them to become teacher leaders who are life-long advocates for learners, families, and communities nationally and internationally. 

Core Values

  • Individuality: We value the representation of humanity’s unique identities, and all that shapes and informs the essence of every individual. We, therefore, commit to developing teachers who can effectively teach children who have different abilities and who are from varying social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds in supportive and welcoming educational environments.  
  • Inclusivity: A core value in the field of special education is the concept of inclusion for children with disabilities. This value affirms the idea that students with disabilities should be educated in environments that allow them to participate in the general education curriculum and avoid being stigmatized or isolated from their peers. Supporting this concept of educational inclusivity for children with exceptionalities is a core value of our department.  
  • Access: In our pursuit of access for children with disabilities, we are dedicated to uplifting everyone so that no one is left out.
  • Advocacy: We advocate for individuals with exceptionalities so that they have equal access to life opportunities. Likewise, we prepare teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to affirm and advocate for children and their families.
  • Collaboration: We are dedicated to reaching across differences to interact in ways that allow us to achieve shared goals.
  • Respect: In all we do, in all our interactions, we demonstrate our reverence for humankind. 

INED Programs

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