Gifted Endorsement

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Program Description

Offered through the Bagwell College of Education, Kennesaw State University’s online Gifted In-Field Endorsement is based on the philosophy that gifted children and youth exist within all ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic groups and are individually unique with differing abilities; that creativity is a universal potential to be nurtured and enhanced; and that children should be provided a variety of educational opportunities designed to foster maximum development personal actualization.

KSU’S online Gifted Endorsement is a State Board of Education (SBOE) approved program. Students in this fully online graduate certification program will take 12 credit hours. Courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students may begin the sequence in either Summer or Fall semester.

The State Board of Education grants in-field endorsement. To add Gifted In-Field, an applicant should possess a professional certificate at the bachelor’s or higher certification level in any teaching field. Students may either be pursuing a graduate degree in another KSU program or department or may apply to the graduate school for non-degree status.

You must have a valid teaching certificate in order to be eligible for this endorsement in Georgia. A teaching certificate is valid only in the state for which it is issued.

Program of Study

EDUC 7761 - Characteristics of Gifted Children
EDUC 7762 - Methods and Materials for Teaching Gifted Children
EDUC 7763 - Assessment of Gifted Children and Youth
EDUC 7764 - Curriculum Development and Program Design in Gifted Education

Program Total (12 Credit Hours)


Summer April 1

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For questions about this endorsement please contact the Program Coordinators:

Dr. Harriet Bessette
Dr. Katie Bennett