Pre-Service Certificate Requirement

Pre-services CertificateKSU’s Bagwell College of Education will require that candidates admitted to a teacher education program be issued a Pre-Service Certificate by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC). This Pre-Service Certificate ensures Birth-12 schools and the university that candidates have a state background check prior to being allowed to work with minors. The GaPSC performs a criminal history background check prior to issuing a Pre-Service Certificate. Failure to obtain a Pre-Service Certificate will preclude continuation in Teacher Education.

To be eligible for this certificate, candidates MUST

  • Have passed the PSC GACE Educator Ethics – Program Exit (test code 360)
  • Have a successful background check (conducted during EDUC 2110). The PSC will NOT award a Pre-Service Certificate to anyone who is currently on probation, regardless of the crime. The PSC requires a copy of the Final Disposition, signed by a judge, to consider the issuance of a Pre-Service Certificate
  • Be enrolled in an educator preparation program leading to initial certification
  • “Claim Preparation Program” through the candidate’s MyPSC Dashboard
  • Complete the Personal Affirmations through the candidate’s MyPSC Dashboard
  • Apply for the Pre-Service Certificate through the candidate’s MyPSC Dashboard

An issued Pre-Service Certificate is required to participate in field and/or clinical experiences beyond Area F courses. The application process for this certificate can take several weeks. Candidates who enroll in classes with field/clinical experience, and do not have a Pre-Service Certificate, will need to withdraw and/or be administratively removed from those courses. It is, therefore, imperative that candidates follow the instructions provided by the Bagwell Admission Coordinator or the Bagwell Certification Officer.

Reporting Requirements:

  • The PSC Code of Ethics requires candidates to self-report the commission or conviction of a crime to the PSC within 90 days of the incident. See Code of Ethics:
  • KSU Teacher Education programs are also required by PSC Rule 505-3-.01 ( to “immediately report to PSC any violations of the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators by enrolled candidates (p. 18).” Candidates must also self-report to the Director of CEPP at KSU. The Pre-Service Certificate may be revoked if a candidate violates the Georgia Code of Ethics, and, if revoked, the candidate will be removed from Teacher Education.

NOTE: Candidates MUST have a current Pre-Service Certificate prior to ANY field experience required for their coursework in Teacher Education. Failure to do so may result in a delay in graduation. Questions about the need for a Pre-Service Certificate should be directed to the Bagwell Certification Officer at