Partnerships and Community Engagement

As a nationally recognized Educator Preparation Provider, the Bagwell College of Education is at the forefront of teacher preparation. A key to our success is establishing mutally beneficial partnerships with a variety of entities.


Community engagement and teacher preparation go hand-in-hand in the Bagwell College.  In this model of teacher education, our teacher candidates gain invaluable experience in and out of the classroom, providing local school communities with access to expertise and services they might not have otherwise.  

PartnershipsPartnerships with public and private school K-12 educators, other institutions of higher education, international educators, and members of the metropolitan Atlanta community enrich the academic experience for all education majors at KSU. While in-depth information on partnerships can be found throughout this website, a glimpse of the big picture provides an appreciation for the depth and diversity of the Bagwell experience.  

Community engagement is deeply embedded in the BCOE teaching model. BCOE teacher candidates are prepared to be successful 21st century educators who deeply understand how to help all students achieve. They graduate from KSU eager to become active in the communities they serve, with skills that foster meaningful insight into how communities and life experiences shape learning styles.

“Kennesaw State University has graduated the best and most prepared teachers I could find. ... The first year teachers act as if they have been in the business for years. I appreciate the job KSU Bagwell College of Education is doing for the Cherokee County Schools and River Ridge High School. We thank you!!! ”

Darrell Herring, Principal, River Ridge High School

The Center for Education Placements and Partnerships (CEPP) manages field placements for BCOE teacher candidates through new and longstanding relationships with 11 partner school districts in the metropolitan Atlanta region and several private schools. These core relationships, and the BCOE’s ongoing relationship with the Georgia Department of Education, have fostered many successful partnerships, some of which are listed below.

K-12 Partnerships enrich teacher candidates’ perspectives and deepen their capacity to understand that education goes beyond the classroom, and all stakeholders – student, teacher, family, school, community – must work together to achieve the best possible education for each student.

Bagwell offers professional development to a wide number of K-12 educators through conferences, workshops, mentoring and/or graduate degree programs for practicing K-12 educators. 


Partnerships with corporate and community organizations serve to provide resources such as in-kind contributions and gifts.


Partnerships with other educational organizations at the undergraduate level include those that provide a seamless college/university experience for students who prefer to begin their college career at two-year institutions. At the graduate level, higher education partnerships include national and international collaborations that improve and transform the education profession

Atlanta Metropolitan State University 2 + 2 Program
Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate
Chattahoochee Technical College
Georgia Perimeter College
Gwinnett Technical College
Paulding 2 + 2 Georgia Highlands Partnership
Tri-Association: The Assn. of American Schools of Central America, Columbia, Caribbean & Mexico
Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador) Research Development Partnership
Universidad de Valladolid - Valladolid, Spain