Research Catalyst

The BCOE Research Catalyst oversees the Interactive Research Methods Lab (IRML) and tries to be an avant-garde one that summarizes the pioneering nature of the Interactive Research Methods Lab, as well as the groundbreaking educational and research practices that are promoted when using it.

The main duties of the Research Catalyst are:

  1. Oversee, manage, develop and evolve the Interactive Research Methods Lab.
  2. Support faculty in their research endeavors while using the IRML, by providing guidance in navigating the key steps in the generation of solid and well-informed research designs.
  3. Support students’ training in core qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods, while using the IRML.
  4. Develop ad hoc innovative didactic units to help faculty integrate the IRML in their D2L undergraduate and graduate courses.
  5. Seek external funding to support the functioning of the IRML.
  6. Facilitate and coordinate the work of the team of scholars involved in the functioning of the IRML.
  7. Serve as an innovative research liaison to support students and faculty throughout their research studies by answering questions, offering advice and providing feedback.
  8. Establish partnerships with local (i.e., schools and school districts), national, and international institutions, with the aim of disseminating and extending the IRML.
  9. Facilitate the generation of research products to disseminate the work done by students and faculty in the IRML.
  10. Represent the Bagwell College of Education in KSU’s Research Advisory Council.
  11. Collaborate with the BCOE Research Consortium Committee to enhance faculty connectivity regarding research endeavors.
  12. Curate a page within the Research Consortium’s website dedicated to research news coming from the Office of Research.
  • You can contact Dr. Iván M. Jorrín Abellán (BCOE Research Catalyst) at or at​