Student finds a community, feels at home at KSU

 Student in Education

The first semester of college is a time of transition and growth as students spread their wings and begin to navigate their academic careers, discover new interests and make lasting memories. In recognition of that significant step, we are highlighting students who have just completed their first semesters at Kennesaw State. Feyisola Odejimi, who is from Suwanee, Georgia, and plans to pursue a degree in elementary education, shares what made her first semester as an Owl so meaningful.

What was the best aspect of your first semester?

Making friends at Kennesaw State because I wasn’t expecting to make friends at the beginning of my first semester amidst a pandemic at such a large school. The clubs helped me find a close group of people that I will always be thankful for, and I have an awesome friend group that I hang out with all the time. There are so many clubs and events at KSU, everyone can get involved. I became involved by being on the KSU track and field team, along with joining some faith-based clubs around campus like Cru and Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

As you’ve adjusted to college, who or what has been your greatest support at KSU?

The biggest academic support at KSU has been the Writing Center. I have never been a strong essay writer, and going to the Writing Center every time I had an essay ensured that I never received less than an “A” on a paper.

How did the rigor/workload of college courses compare with what you expected?

In high school, I completed about a year of dual enrollment classes, so I was kind of prepared for the coursework. What surprised me was the attendance policy. In high school, teachers hold you accountable and there is a punishment for missing class; in college when you miss class, you’re punishing yourself because you can easily fall behind.


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KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 5, 2021)